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If we were to be God, how would we feel
To provide the ones who curse you with a meal
To endlessly persuade your creature to turn a new
But even if they do, they'll still hurt and depart you

If I were to be God, I would be heartbroken
Because I can't condole humans leaving me hurting
To always believe their false promises to change
And when asked to redeem it, they'll be looking at me strange

God does his best to make us happy
He gives us back our conscience and leads us to recovery
Just so we acknowledge  his presence
So well call on him whenever we experience tense

All He ask is for us to have other in mind in whatever me do
He doesn't care about your religion so long your faith is true.
We tell God we'll change a million times but never do it
Apologies don't mean a thing if you don't ever fix it
I'm tied down and locked in a box
Held and bounded by powerful locks.
I still move around peacefully and freely
I still live and act me

Everyone else is locked in this 'box'
They are tied down and held by locks
But we still see them live each year
We still see them happy and smiling each day

We are all trapped but we don't even know it
We feel lonely but never show it.
Refusing that you're trapped in this 'box'
Only doubles and strengthens its locks
People come and the same people go
They exist for a reason, a purpose for which you do not know
It could be to raise you when you are low
Or to be your hidden light, your mistletoe

I know so little about philosophy
Yet, I understand all it has taught me.
They believe not all friend are meant to be
And we should never be deceived by what we see

True friends don't shine when its day time
They won't always be around when I make words rhyme
They won't always be there to bail us off a crime
But they'll always be there when its their time

To all my friends I say, 'I love you'
Though I know not which is fake and which is true
I thank you all for the things you do
For without you, I wouldn't have pulled through
We wake up most mornings with a sigh
Wanting a few more hours to lie
And get at least another hour of sleep.
In this thought we get in so deep

We begin the day with a smile accepting life as it comes
Overcoming struggles in all its form
But often forget to say our prayers
And forget to thank God for helping in all areas

In humans, four of every five
Keeps breathing but they're not alive
Living everyday wIthout having something to run after
Living life like an aimless drifter

Pictures don't ever change, just the people inside of them do
Whoever told you life would be easy, I promise was lieing to you.
Life remains the same, only situations change
Only God helps make them less hard and led strange
Whenever someone has a crush
They can't do more than blush
I have no idea why it is such.
Humans only assume, but God knows much
There are alot of things in my mind
Very occupied, but you I find
It seems just three magic words
That my lips can't afforf

You manage to make me smile
Even though you seem to cry
You always light up my day
And your magic light leads my way

But at times it seems you try
Not to please, but make me sad
Doing this makes me die
But I'm sorry if I made you mad

Most times it breaks my heart
Just to discover that, there's no we
And all there is, is that
We were never meant to be
For the one who first caught my heart
When you start to feel hapless,
This feeling that you are hopeless
Just making you feel the emptiness
That chains the heart and makes you feel helpless

Don't let that feeling mislead you anymore
Just acquire what the soul is crying out for
Hi back and unite with your maker
The one the soul calls father
Everyone needs to know when they no longer live in the presence of there God and when to run back to Him
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