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Andrew Hawks Feb 2019
A true friend is someone who really cares. Whenever you’re in trouble, they’d be right there. Never late, they’re always on time. Never forgetting, they’re always on your mind. To help you out. To show you what true friends are all about. So true, regardless, always reliable, honest, legit, and always dependable. True friends will remain, like salt and pepper. When put together makes things much better. True friends pick you up, whenever you fall. No matter the problems, whether big or small. A true friend is just but a telephone call away. They make you smile, they brighten your day. In a special way, through your ups and downs, true friends will always be around. No matter what…
This poem truly speaks words for people who feel like they haven't found any friends.
Andrew Hawks Feb 2019
A year ago that’s what it was, we started talking and getting to know each other. Also, a year ago was when I thought I had found my best friend, but I think my best friend was in the same room. I didn’t know what was going to happen, me and this “best friend” meet at YOUR house during the super bowl. I didn’t know all the crap that was going to go down between me and him.

Fast forward to a month ago, we got even closer. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I took a shot and text you and said we should hang out more and you said, “for sure”. We have been hanging out a lot. We had a movie night and a game night.

So… you could be the best friend I have been looking for.
Sometimes you lose a friend, but then all of a sudden when you least expect it God puts someone in your life.
Andrew Hawks May 2018
I hope you know you made a mistake, but that doesn't change how I felt about you. You know how I feel, everything I told you was true. Over the past three weeks, you've engraved your name into my heart, deeper than I ever thought possible. I don't even know where to start. I dream about you, and you just don't understand. I’m trying to understand, why you used me. I think it was to get back to your ex. I’m sure everything you said was a lie. You didn’t mean any of it. And now you expect me to apologize, for something you did. Well, here you go. “Please forgive me, for all of the wrongs that I have done. Everyone makes mistakes. I guess my mistake was thinking you were different from everyone. I was wrong yet again, you played me like a puppet. Just so you could get back to your hobbit.” You used me for your own fun and games. I’m always a fool when it comes to that.
  May 2018 Andrew Hawks
Moving on is bitter sweet.
I am filled with memories
joyful and bleak.

I remember, laughing until we cried
and arguing about
your petty pride.

This messy affair
drained me slowly.
Now, I just don't care.

You ruin everything around you.
I just never thought
you'd try to ruin me too.

Your hypocritical behavior,
turning your nose down at those
who could have been your savior.

I am leaving you now,
nothing can make me stay.
So go on, take a bow.

You'll be left a mess,
with no one who cares.
You're not worth the stress.

I have lovely friends
who love me for me.
We won't make amends,

I'm over your deceit.
  May 2018 Andrew Hawks
Once upon a time
I met an ******* who is fluent
in speaking lies
and acting innocent
I was so caught up in his act
I thought he planted roses
when all he really did was
setting up volcano inside my body
so off he sailed
and blow I did
then the lava destroyed
his faked roses
along with the promises I made
he had burned into ashes

— The End —