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Isabel May 2019
"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

A thousand's of problems,
and a thousand's of elements,
You chose to be happy,
but sometimes you're a little bit

I saw you crying that time,
and yet you insist that you're fine,
I thought you were strong enough,
and pretended that you're tough,
and I know it was just a bluff.

We are each one's cause of euphoria,
and made this place like utopia,
It might be an endless road,
and it means happiness will
be flowed.

I know that words aren't enough,
sorry I can't express myself a lot,
this might be short,
but I hope this will never get old,
old words that might turn to gold.

I just want to say that everyone
want's happiness and no one want's
pain but you can't have a
rainbow without a little rain.

If you want to let it out,
just shout,
You can end the pain for the
meantime by saying you're out,
Coz there's no pain that are meant
to stay.

Thank you for being my father's woman,
Thank you for being my anpanman.

Happy Mother's Day!!
I made this for my mom on the day of Mother's day and I know it's already too late for me to post this just now coz I forgot to post it on that day but I hope you will enjoy reading this and I also wanted to say Happy Belated Mother's Day to all:)))
Isabel Feb 2019
"It's hard to pretend that you like someone when you don't, but it's harder to pretend that you don't like someone when you really do."

Staring at me like
it has those meanings,
Staring back at you
when it doesn't have meaning
at all.

Can't get you off out of my mind,
Insane feeling and let it bind,
Liar to myself,
Why can't I be true to myself,
Maybe I'm Insane to you.

You like someone else,
But I'm not inlove
with someone else,
I hate it when I don't recieve the same amount of love that I give to others.

I stared at you but I saw
you staring to someone else
and I saw the girl you like staring
at someone else too.

The truth tried to hurt both of us,
And it succeeded,
We develop feelings to someone
we know we can't have,
We're like living in a rusted chain.

Love me before I gave my
heart away,
My mind is already blown away,
I continued to chase you,
But you kept running away chasing
the girl you like.

Slowly trying to get you out of my
I know that you will never be mine,
I'm not a fool,
But it feels like I'm swimming in a

Someone drowned me,
I kept on sinking,
No one saved me,
Just like the feelings from me
that you didn't save.

I wan't someone else to
save me,
My mind kept on shouting
for someone to save me,
But my mouth kept on saying
I'm fine.

I think I need to stop,
I don't want to hurt myself anymore,
But my mind kepts on wanting you,
My mind can't stop thinking of you,
When my heart already wants to stop.

My mind told my heart to go on,
My heart told my mind to stop,
It kepts on beating,
And it hurts,

Suddenly my mouth
murmured that I want you,
That means I don't know
what to do,
And I know that doesn't have
value to you.
That moment when you kept on lying to yourself saying that you don't have any feelings for that person when you really have
Isabel Dec 2018
"Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."

Spread your wings and let's fly,
Can't reach those dreams it is so high,
What to do know?,
Let's smile and end this pain together.

We are each one's cause of euphoria,
Smile like there's no tomorrow,
Why are you full of sorrow?,
Why sudden change of emotions?,
Are you not happy?.

Look at the sky,
Don't be shy,
I know you've been waiting for it,
Don't always look on the ground,
You're not too low to look on it,
Feel free to look high,
And exprience the feeling of being on the top.

Imagine the things that you want that others can't imagine to you,
Your life doesn't depend on them,
It depends on you,
You are the only one who can decide,
Your life doesn't belong to them.

If it rains,
Accept it,
Don't blame the weather,
Don't blame yourself,
It's not your fault,
You just don't know on how to love yourself.

All of this are connected,
Don't ask and you'll be headed,
It is not time for your assumptions,
Why predict someone else's life if you can't even predict your own life.

Shut up and enjoy your life,
Have fun tonight,
Coz the next day what if there would be no more light to be seen,
Sun that brighten up your day,
Darkness that guided your life,
Who are you?

Sentences that are out of context,
What will happen next,
Shadows that are getting even more darker.
Coz there's a light,
A beaming spotlight.

Be the person you want to be,
Shout and tell them let me be,
Freed yourself from sadness,
Let go of your blindness,
And then there's happiness.

Don't pretend that you're okay,
Coz you'll end up hating yourself over
and over again,
Life is about up's and down,
Deal with it and tell the future that
you're going to be fine and pass all of this failure you've done this present.

Sunshine comes to
all who feel rain,
Rainbow can't show up
if there's no little rain,
Learn to stand up,
and you'll be okay.

Don't be pushed by your problems;
be led by your dreams.
I made this as a birthday present for my friend since she migrated and already live in LA and I'm left here in my country which is located in Southeast Asia which I'm not going to mention hehehe
Isabel Sep 2018
Throwing me aside when you don't need me,
It feels like you're looking for a garbage to use it again.
But you don't know that you're looking for yourself.
You were the garbage, not me.

Using my kindness,
And using my blindness,
You're not going to be my highness.

I'm not an underdog,
You can't pull my leash anytime you want,
Coz I'm a human not a garbage like you.

Leaving me behind when you don't have something to talk to.
I'm not a fool, I know something too.

To obvious to be seen,
Who are you to dictate me the things that I need to do,
You're not even my parent,
You're brave enough,
Shame on you.

I already smell the bad odor coming from you,
Why you didn't throw yourself properly?,
Oh well, just burn yourself already,
No one else needed your existence.

Acting like you were just the only one trying to be nice in front of me,
Don't worry, I also do the same,
As I told you, you don't know who I am.

I can be a demon anytime I want.

Those faces that I wanted to destroy,
Hoping people would do the same thing to you, as you also do it to the others.

Keep doing those kind of things,
Coz your too idiot to know how to stop,
I pity you.
#fakefriends #fake #friends
Isabel Aug 2018
"Until then I try to smile and hide the truth."

Sad in the corner of the room,
Every flowers in here will not bloom,
Darkness that stayed all along,
I can see myself crying alone.

Mirror that reflects everything,
I don't have anything,
Empty rooms and empty tables,
Where do I belong?,
Simple question who had a simple answer, Trash Bin.

Telling myself that one day I'll be happy,
No one deserves me,
Even I myself don't deserve this life.

Where would this path will lead me,
Would it be dead end?,
Or would it be a place full of thorns.

Too much curiosity that lead me to death,
When would this pain will end,
I know that there's no end,
As long as I'm alive there would be no end,
Unless if I think of a best way to end the pain.

**** Myself.

Perfect timing,
You saw me hanging,
Blood of mine that made a stain to your shirt.

You can't save me,
Your too late,
Too late to apologize,
You don't have the rights to cry at my funeral without knowing my pain.

You don't even know who I am,
How can you pity me,
If you can't even pity yourself,
You don't have the rights to have some pity on me if you don't even know who I am.

You didn't notice my pain,
You didn't notice the fake smiles that I always did,
You didn't notice my teary eyes,
You didn't notice my existence,
You didn't notice my letter,
You didn't read my personality,
Who are you to cry and pity me.

Get away from me,
Get away from my funeral,
Please leave me alone just like what you've been doing all the time,
Please let me be alone until I die.

Don't put some flowers on my grave,
Flowers won't do,
If you feel sorry,
Then why?, why you didn't notice it,
Why you didn't comfort me,
Why did you let me to be all alone,
Why did you let me to cry.

Who are you to make me feel this way?
Isabel Jul 2018
"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living above all, those who live without love." -From Harry Potter

Our eyes that met,
Can't explain what I just felt,
Skin ships that crossed each other,
Hoping you didn't see me with another.

Love is just like the wind,
Embracing you everytime it passes,
No matter how far you are,
It will reach you,
Love will reach out for you.

Sweet escape is yet to happen,
Not knowing where to run,
Anything in here is fun,
I just can't decide,
Whether to run or just to have fun with you.

I'm just doing fine,
I want you to stay on the line,
I'll wait for your turn,
And i'll choose you,
And wait for me to say yes.

Promises that made our relationship last long,
Didn't know you we're with her all alone.

Kiss me,
Hug me,
Play with me,
Dance with me,
Let us make this night unforgettable.

Thanks for the memories.

But all this time why I didn' t feel the love coming from you?.

Oh I just remembered, it was only just a dream.
Isabel Jul 2018
"Time is so cruel, I hate us, now it’s hard to even see each other’s faces."

I thought I would be happier without you,
Not knowing I would regret it after all.

I saw you sleeping,
I wonder what your dream is,
I hope you can only dream about good things,
I would like to volunteer to carry all your pain.

Let us walk hand by hand,
No matter what happen,
When I tell you to leave me,
Leave me behind,
I don't want you to see me crying.

I guess I was happier with you,
You told me to smile,
You taught me on how to be brave,
Not knowing your not brave enough,

Now you're going somewhere,
Out of no where.
Time passes by,
Don't know if I can do it without you.

The classroom seats gets *****,
But our friendship would never get rusty.
I don't have the chance to say
That I will miss you.

When I say I love you,
I meant it,
I know that I can tell I lie,
But I can never tell a lie to a friend.

Even if this words make you cringe,
I hope my sincerity reaches you no matter how far you are.

No matter how many times you hated me,
You will always be my friend,
I know that I'm selfish,
Not knowing all of this trust already vanished.

I know that I can trust you,
More than I can trust myself,
When the time comes that everything became hard,
I'm just here to make you feel a little braver.

Days had passed,
Little by little the day will come,
That someday I know you're ready to leave everything behind.

I can't tell my last goodbye,
Coz I know that you will come back.

When we meet again,
I hope you will open your arms wide,
So that I can fit in.

I hope that day will come very soon.

Because I know, you know that I will miss you.

No matter how many times I tell you thank you,
I know that those words aren't enough,
But anyways, I hope that those words can make you feel better.

Everything happens for a reason,
I can still remember that small fight of us,
A fight that made us closer and made us to be friends.

Thanks to that band,
Thanks for that reason,
It means a lot to me.

Days Might Pass By But Not This Endless Friendship.

Goodbye for now.
I wrote this for my dearest friend who went to LA
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