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Kodi Udezue Mar 2020
I have a thought that tickles down my soul bank of thoughts.
It's a thought that dilutes all the sweet taste of all I thought.
One that gaols the psyche and maneuver in the midst of all my anxiety.

I would have uttered it to my close companion,
but the thoughts of being ridiculed consistently quenched out the desire to communicate.

Can I find a pure one who can listen and not tell the world my greatest fear?
The dependent one is but an atom in the midst of particles.
I need to dig deep till I find one who can bear my world with me.
Emilio Feb 2016

And realize that you're in the world of people who has these.
#Comfort room thoughts
Emilio Nov 2015
The* monster;  the  man.
I  was  the  man;  the  madn­ess.
Will  I  ever  be?
Thank you for the movie 'Victor Frankenstein', one of my favorite story.
Emilio Nov 2015
I stay silent; say no words
As I lie on my bed, just thinking.
I stay silent; feeling the cold
It's 4:45 am but still breathing

The night seems to be passive;
I felt nothing but curious.
I tried to be expressive;
Still, nothing comes out but slumberous.

— The End —