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Deepali Agarwal Jan 2018
A calm place, soft music, sounds of chatter,
two tables, few cups of coffee,
and some friends, a dare and a handsome man is all you require to start a new friendship.

Coincidentally, he's a rival at college.
A few meetings at cafeteria, smiles and greetings exchanged.

An approach from either side,
A hearty talk from both sides,
A witty remark, giggles and two cups of vanilla is all you need for friendship to start.

A healthy competition, discussions on machines, an idea contradicted, a furious fight to prove other wrong, ending in laughs.

Music classes by him, a song sung for her, claps and whistles, few blushes and lots of love.

A silly typed bond, a ball pen, many terms and condition, two signatures and friendship sealed forever.

A misunderstanding, blames, fights, cries, repenting on both sides, solitude, dysphoria, friends reconciled.

Few years, jobs, busy schedules, pending work, tensed mind, a break from normal life, a phonecall, an airplane ticket, a familiar face, tears of joy and old friendship revives.

There are some easy steps to make a friend,
But the easiest is to trust someone.
Rick Warr Nov 2017
sometimes i wish
that we were closer,
as we have been
as close as can be

but i think we
are true friends
because we don’t
need each other
between exchanges

and celebrate
each other
with undemanding love
when we do
Organized Chaos Jan 2017
Meatball meatball down the hill
it must be having quite a thrill.
Stain the grass, paint it red
I hope you roll up in my bread.

If the bread accepts you so
I'll shoo away that nasty crow.
Down in the river, a plate I found
let me wipe it on the ground.

Imagine now, what you just read
if you haven't already fled.
For if I were to take a bite
my face would show, it's not right.

Let me grab that piece of cheese
from the mouse, I said, "Please?"
In the end, and to end it all
that last bite, was my downfall.
You all have that friend who would eat anything from anywhere...
Samantha Nov 2016
Usually when it runs I panic
Sometimes I want it to speed up
Other days I want it to slow down
Depending on what I’m doing it makes me smile or frown
If it's with you, we don't need others around
I still remember you were the talk of the town
I didn't really know you then but I'd liked to say I know you now
Loved me through my nervous breakdowns
And turned my life upside down
I hope that friends we remain
Old together swinging our cane
Or forever young drinking kids champagne
May the years double like the bubbles
and we make it through the struggles
Soon to be in a world without these troubles
the friend I always needed
There are times like these quite often
I can feel my brain start to soften
My heart begins beating in my chest
My thoughts never cease to rest
I feel so lonely in this state of mind
Everyone I love has left me behind
Even with there friendly gestures and hellos
I'm in such a deep place, yet nobody knows
Loneliness can be a friend to you
It will stick by your side in whatever you do
But it will also part ways
When you start coming into better days
The hellos will start to become cherished
Where before it would have perished
You start to realize God was opening your heart
To those you were supposed to love from the start
Kenny Whiting Apr 2016
There's not too many people,
   who have but one true friend;
A shoulder for to lean on,
   on whom I can depend!

Someone who'll always be there,
   for when in time of need;
That special one who'll always lend,
   a hand or helping deed!

A friend who'll always help you,
   they'll go the extra mile;
Someone to hold you up all day,
   if only with a smile!

A person who will listen,
   when pouring out your heart;
The one who's never left your side,
   has been there from the start!

That wholesome leader as a friend,
   whose lifted you in prayer;
That special one you'll never doubt,
Or question if they're there!

The one who never judges you,
   as sin in life you trod;
The one whose always knelt and prayed,
   you'd turn your life to God!

I thank God for your friendship,
   through sorrow, pain and strife;
I pray someway I can repay,
   your friendship in my life!
Kenny Whiting Mar 2016
There's certain people God sends down
  To bless us here on earth
Although you may not see them there
  They've watched 'ore you since birth!

They're often times just standing 'round
  So close right by your side
You'll never know they're standing there
  Can't see them if you tried!

They're hidden all around your world
  The average "Joe" they seem
You'll never see them casting spells
  Or popping up in dreams!

They don't have massive sets of wings
  Or mutant ways to fly
They don't  appear from thinnest air
  Or warp up in the sky!

They're human just like you and me
  With such a simple task
They follow best My God's design
  Do everything He asks!

You'll feel their presence when at times
  He needs a helping hand
A human touch to show His love
  To us, a mortal man!

Those special people in your life,
  A touch of God's own love
Those special friends He sends to us,
  His Angels from above!!
As each one of us run life's race, there are people God has placed all along the "racetrack of life" to encourage us in our weak moments, help us up when we fall, and even cheer us on as we are doing well. Whether we see them there or not, they have been there all along. I thank God for these family, friends and loved ones He has blessed me with. Each one are truly Angels from Above!
Thomas Davies Nov 2015
Oh why?
Why do you have to make this life so hard?
Why do you pretend to be someone you're not?
Why are you full of fakeness?

Yes, believe me
I do know what this world are made of
Or better yet, the people
But that doesn't explain why you must keep on faking!

Come on!
Take of your mask,
show your face...
don't be ashamed.

And let emotions flow!
Whether you watch movies, listen to music
Cry when you feel sad,
shout when you feel happy

The people in this world:
...don't care about them...
They don't want our help!
So stuff them! Let them fight them battles!

And your true friends?
Don't let them be on their way
The quote: keep your friends close but your enemies closer
I would say: keep your enemies close but your friends closer...

judgements take place
I don't have no choice
So I have to...hide
Anna Fox Oct 2015
I'm by your side through fire and flame
There's nothing I hate more than seeing you in pain
There's no way I'll leave you
Not in a million years
I'll be with you through all the tears
You can talk to me whenever youre sad
Whenever you're happy
Whenever you're mad
I'm by your side.
My bestfriend just stole my laptop and typed this out to make me feel better and I think it is amazing and it makes me so happy.
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