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Mystic904 Sep 2017
Those happy and the lovely faces
Like brothers we roamed around places
All those good times together we spent
those memories now aren't worth a cent
At least their true faces they showed
The glamorous garden at heart they mowed
So much in my mind for them had I planned
Criticized me, left the blame in my hand
Didn't see the glimpse of how much I cared
All those useless and useful things I shared
Forgave and forgave because I don't mind
A point just came, had to say am not blind
I may have left marks but never the scars
Had I been hurt, still do I see them as stars

'Toleration' is what people lack
Tolerate, wait, take a step back

c. FATeer
With respect to the former best friends.
A common sentiment, but remember; this world isn't  your friend nor an enemy, it's a place of toleration(sabr) and a place waiting for people to make it a better place :)
ajp Nov 2014
Shut up, won't you please?
Don't you see,
your words are killing me.
They cut into my body,
making my breath choppy.
I hear you laughing with that girl
who sits in front of you while I'm that
girl who sits next to you.
Shut up so I can live and not die.
This is ****** with a bit of rhyming
Effy Royle Jul 2014
best friends
that titled has been stripped away
are we even considered friends anymore?
what even makes someone a best friend?
is it their inabily to say no or tell you a lie- no
that can't be it
because you lied
and apparently
best friends aren't supposed to lie to each other
it's not even that your friendship not being in my life at the moment is a lose
i just miss having someone like you; someone who can relate

it's 4:30 in the morning and i just stalked your vines from the beginning of last year
what the ****
you've changed
but we all have
as of now, i don't know if it was for the better or the worse

it's evident that friendships can be rekindled
but you completely lost my trust
i don't know if we'll ever be on good terms again

i knew you were staring at me the other day
the last time we saw each other after
"the break-up"
you kept going out of your way to wave at people standing near me or look back and see me laughing with my new best friend
it's weird to think that you were over at my house less than two weeks ago
and everything
every single thing
is different now

i hadn't really realized that things can happen in the blink of an eye
the thing that keeps getting me down
is that i tried
to save the friendship
you were the one who lied
you were the one that ruined two other friendhips of mine in the process
you are not a nice person

i'm shaking my aching head as i'm hoping that you're okay
what the ****

the littlest things keep bringing back memories of us
i'm calling you and I, an us,
almost like a break-up
i wanna throw all our collaborated poems in the still lasting embers of our burnt-out friendship

i just hope you get what you deserve
idk if this even makes sense. just late night/early morning thoughts thrown into a prose.

— The End —