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Kmary Feb 15
Where we 1st met: 41.06°N, -74.02°W

Our first kiss: 41.09°N, -73.92°W

Our first date: 41.16°N, -73.97°W

Our first “I love You:” 41.07°N, -74.02°W

Our first carnival: 41.01°N, -74.01°W

Our first vacation: 20.21°N, -87.45W
Kmary Jan 21
It’s been 14 hours since we’ve last talked
and your still on the center stage of my mind
             The amount of self-discipline it takes to not call you
              is pretty ******* amazing.

& the truth is that I already miss you;
I know you are angry right now
            but know I’m sending you thoughts of love you messages
            hoping it reaches you in time.
Kmary Jan 21
It’s funny how words have no meaning
until they are jumbled in just the right way,
pieced together perfectly;
hitting just the right spot.
Kmary Dec 2018
Today I stand in front of you with a confession to make.
I need to apologize for all the ways I have failed you as a partner.
There have been many times when I can immediately taste the regret of
my harsh words.
And we are both left hearing the echoing silence of my incomplete apologies.

I wish I was given lessons on how to properly care for another’s heart.
Because I now see the cuts I have made and I know that I have
gotten things wrong.

Please forgive me for all my sharp edges, because I’m trying to smooth myself out.
I want to learn how to heal with my words; to build you up
instead of tearing you down.

Just know that I love you;
oh **** I love you. And I am trying.
I will always try.
  Oct 2018 Kmary
At a certain
point in our lives
There's no more
"free time"
The closest thing
would be
Or only long term deadlines
We may
have "breaks"
But even if it takes a
We're still on the train
of life
Chugging away
Kmary Oct 2018
Today I woke with a familiar dread
a storm of my own;
a whirlwind of insecurities

It's an intrusive self-created enemy,
that disguises my fears as truths

There have been nights too
where I sleep with my demon
and once again awake to yesterday's past

Kmary Sep 2018
The one who chooses all the best meals,
the giver of roses, the boy with
the black bag of popcorn, the one I will always
choose first no matter what else is on the
shelf, the chocolate ice cream, the right amount
of sugar, the cocoa, the parts that makes
us whole
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