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Jules Oct 2019
Rollin through lights
Wasting time
I wonder where we'll go
Yeah we're flyin
flyin by
Mary-Eliz Jun 2018
here I sit
things to do
that should be done
yet here I sit

here I sit
books unread
shelves undusted
yet here I sit

here I sit
things to write
remain unwrit
yet here I sit

'cause this ain't it
Puttering away on a Saturday.
Yozhik May 2017
I'm sorry to waste your time.
It isn't a big deal.
It's just life you know
Maybe it's not even real
I'm sorry to waste your time
You have better things to do
I'm not even sure of
What I want from you
I'm really just burning time
Which is a little funny
Because people get paid for time
And I wouldn't burn money
But I just keep burning time
I don't know what remains
I don't know if it burns faster
For chaos, chasms, pains.
I don't know if I am master
For these time-fueled ember rains
Which actually...have eaten up
The space for me to say
Whatever I was thinking of
Before you walked away.
Journey of Days Mar 2017
my merry-go-round in space recklessly spinning and dipping generating an impending doom
building it’s cyclical appointment with a crash
it ***** at the air
look to the horizon! God! I feel sick
think... think... need to get off
leave this crushing fatigue
but it won’t let me sleep.

what a ****** waste of a day!
Nylee Feb 2017
I am wasting away the time I have in hand
In small games and pretend
I am wasting away the time I will mourn later
in things that do not matter
I am wasting away the time in thinking
and doing nothing
I am wasting away the time doing thing I should not
than doing the things I ought
I am wasting away the time just because I can
Jenny Gordon Oct 2016
...the Word of God.


Oh yes.  I wimper still oer Mum.  Care thence
In silence as ne words assuage nor bail
My soul, except the LORD's in sheer betrayl.
Orange kisses treetops, yellow nestles hence
In sidewalk cracks and dips, vines paint a sense
Of scarlet through the copse no phlox detail
Now, and lo, I submit a sonnet they'll
Not choose, remembring Mum last year--and whence?
I swear, the Word of God my home as twere,
Replies as through a parched land we ensue.
Grey hours rain drips oer, deep blue heavns we were
So fond of seeing twixt yellow Maples--do
Not have my ticket anymore.  In poor
Scuse I watch Pride and Prejdice.  Where are you?

No less than a mad 6 hours of an excellent movie rendering of Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice (well, I still think we could have skipped his bathing and swimming, like, was the ****** movie made for women?! ahem, obviously.)  And I stupidly forget people will tell you to cheer up or that they "care" if I carelessly mention I still miss Mum too dearly, but I don't appreciate their "kindness" any better, kick me.
Louise Ruen Jun 2016
What feels like clarity has hit upon me
Like my senses went through a sharper like the pencil I use to write with
But my tolerance for ******* went down a whole lot.
So I don’t have time to hear on all your jibberish
Who you had *** with and why you weren’t feeling it
I would rather spent my time stuck inbetween these purple walls
With a book and a pen I’m fine here alone
Don't feel sorry, we were never really a match
I don't care that you have the new iPhone and wear Cartier
For me, you can stick your Valentinos up your ***
I can no longer pretend like it's all jollyness
When what I long for you can not give and you can't pay to get it for me
There's  no reason to continue wasting time
My body might be stuck, but my mind never stops wandering.
Right now, that’s all I need.
I'm planning my life,
Organizing the hours,
And counting the days.
And I find there is no place
For wasting my time on you.
Wasting time worrying, wasting time on trying to impress you, wasting time trying so hard for someone who doesn't care.
Natalie R Jun 2014
That's what we all feel when we think about it
Talking to someone every day
Asking how their day way all the time 
Caring so much 
It's a ******* pain
Right in your ****, not your ******, your ****
Ok some people might like that but you know what I mean
Always caring, always worrying, always wasting 
Wasting time 
With commitment 
The abundance of things you could partake in
If it wasn't for commitment
Maye I'm just a sad and alone loser playing Pokemon all day and no one loves me
This may be my bias
But just think of the
You get from 

— The End —