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abs Apr 2016
You said you love me,
And I love you just as much.
abs Apr 2016
Time being, so quick
To steal you
Away from my heart

A beautiful lie
It has all been.
It was amazing while it lasted

It was comforting
The couch, the pillow
Your touch, everything

It's a tragic story,
You and I
Against all odds
abs Apr 2016
I used to think about you a lot
Because you were once my apple pie
The thing that kept me going for days.
I cared and loved you
Even if you didn't feel the same way.

Lately, I'm thinking
Which part of it was lost
Because when you came back
Everything left in awe.

I thought all I ever wanted
Was to get you by my side
And now, that you're here
I just want you to get lost.

What happened before left a wound
I guess time really heals everything.
After three long years of silence
All the words was said, and the feelings had left.

It was but a great story
And 'you and I' was just a theory
Somethig haunted me for so long
I could not even remember when.

I wish I could utter good bye
But was there even a 'hello' to start with?
All that's between us are trashed
It needs no futher elaboration.

Even now, I want to end this
Because you don't even deserve a space.
Maybe in our next life
There'll be a better tale told for us.
abs Apr 2016
I might compare ourselves with the tides in the sea,
though this might go farout.
A single roller comes splasing into the land
but just for a minute or so,
because by  then, the waves slowly ebb back into the ocean
to be in its original form.
abs Dec 2015
Everyone else is sad
and it piles up,
one after another,
until the energy that binds the world
can no longer take it.
abs Dec 2015
If I die of sadness tonight
Then it's only you to blame
abs Dec 2015
You were ******* lovely
And then you're not
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