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Äŧül Nov 2016
Then that deity is definitely a maniac!
A *** offender!
As the real almighty,
Wants you to stretch upwards,
And pluck the stars for your loved ones.
If your deity wants you to bend,
And also promises women in heaven,
Then convert to a different faith,
As for your present faith, it's the end.
Read about a really ******* faith that carries the tag of religion.

HP Poem #1233
©Atul Kaushal
Sean Hunt Aug 2016
There were things you wanted to do
But I couldn’t let you
I didn’t want to
I had to shoot  

Although I tried I couldn’t find
Something else to do
I didn’t want to
But I had to shoot

You pointed your gun at someone
I didn’t want to
I had to shoot

The sword you held in your hand
Had sliced a man in two
I didn’t want to
But I had to shoot

No time to talk or say goodbye
Time to ask you why
I didn’t want to
But I had to shoot

And although I knew
You were unwell
Fighting phantom infidels
I had to shoot

I shouted out I yelled
But you were under
Someone’s spell
And I had to shoot

Catch 22 caught me
And it caught you
Although I didn’t want to
I had to shoot

Nothing else for me to do
Though I didn’t want to
I had to shoot

You shouted blame and called his name in vain
Though I didn’t want to
I had to shoot

You chose the game you shamed his name
Though I didn’t want to
I had to shoot

If you come back from the dead
With hatred in your head
I’ll have to shoot
Again, and again and again, and again
And again and again
I’ll have to shoot
I was thinking of the people who have to shoot the terrorists, in the act;  how they have no choice, how I have not heard any comment or read anything about their dilemma.  Perhaps there are many different responses.  This poem is simply a generic view of the lack of options for the shooter.
Big Virge Jul 2016
Well Well Well.....      
What Can You Smell ... ???    
ME ... I Smell A Crock of LIES ... !!!    
From TOP LEVEL Policing Guys ......    
I Also Smell ... INCOMPETENCE ... !!!!!!!!!    
That's Why I Wrote A Poem ...    
And Entitled It ... " Who's Next ? "...    
So People ...    
Where's Your Common Sense ... ?!?    
Someone Needs Some Recompense ...    
Right Now It's A Family ...    
Whose Son Has Died ...    
" IN A TRAGEDY !!! "....    
Their Son Was LIVING ...    
.... " HAPPILY "....    
Before He Met ...    
.... CALAMITY .... !!!!!!!!!    
This AIN'T A Doris Day Movie ... !!!    
This Is Cos' He Was BULLIED ... !!!    
By Those CLEVER ... Met' Police ... !!!    
NOT Like Kids With Stupid Tricks ...      
But From THIS ...    
REAL Gun Bullets ... !!!!!    
This Is Something TRULY SICK ... !!!!!!!!!    
These Are Things They DO Commit ... !!!    
To EVERYONE of Colour NOT just Brazilian Kids ...    
Ahhhhhhhhh Let's Just Get The Facts CORRECT ... !!!    
He Was ... " Asian "... ?!?    
NO ... " African "... ?!?    
Who Cares He Was An Immigrant ... !!!!!    
These Are Words of IGNORANCE ... !!!!!    
IGNORANCE Is Like NONSENSE ... !!!!!!    
Try Using THIS ... INTELLIGENCE ... !!!!!  
BETTER Still Use ... " Common Sense "...    
Who Is It That BENEFITS ... ???    
From A Life of Street Gunfights ...      
NOT Black Folk TRUST ME ... That's Right ... !!!      
How About ...    
TRUE English Types ...    
Those Who Are WHITER Than White ... !!!    
And HATE To See Non-Whites In Sight ..... ?!?    
That's A Plight These Racists Like ... !!!    
And Then ENFORCE With ALL Their Might ... !!!!    
To Put Us Down In English Towns ... !!!    
That's Why So Many Young Blacks FROWN ... !!!    
UNLIKE Most Poets I'm NO CLOWN ... !!!    
Because My Words Buy Souls Like Pounds ... !!!      
Who Was BOUGHT This Time Around ... ?!?      
To KEEP The Truth INSIDE Their Mouth ... ?!?    
This Is REALLY SICKENING ... !!!!!    
Even Those Who Are ... " LEGIT "...    
May Get Hit For Where  They Sit ... !?!    
NOT With Belts But With BULLETS ... !!!    
Or With Axes Think On That...    
Racists ...    
NEVER Die Like THAT ... ?!?    
Watched ALL NIGHT From Council Flats ...    
By Police ... What's Up With That ... ?!?    
They Take Life With Too Much Stealth ... !!!!!    
While They Just RELIEVE Themselves ... !?!  
Those Are Words That Are HEARTFELT ... !!!    
Check The Report Your Heart Will Melt..........    
if You've Got Some DECENCY ... !!!    
UNLIKE YES These MET' Police ... !!!!!!    
Who Think It's Right To Simply Be ...      
ABOVE The Law While People GRIEVE ... !!!    
This Poem Comes From MY ANGER... !!!!!    
But These Days Does It Matter... ???    
What We Say or What We Do ...    
Because Our Youth Are Being Schooled ...    
NOT The Truth ... !!!!!    
Trust Me I Am Staying Cool ...    
Your Proof Is How I Air My Views ...    
WITHOUT Resorting To Abuse ...    
Incitement's Something For A FOOL ... !!!      
This Is NOT Something I Do ... !!!    
So Just Before They Try THAT ONE ... !!!    
Hatred Is ...........................  
Something I ............................................................. SHUN....................    
I Write These Things For EVERYONE ... !!!      
Don't Just Trust Technology ...  
Or These KILLING Met' Police ... !!!    
QUESTION What They Say To You ...    
Make Them Give You CONCRETE PROOF ... !!!!!    
Sift Through LIES To Find THE TRUTH ...    
DON'T Buy Into Lies They SELL ... !!!    
Calm Yourself ................................  
Take In .... " GOOD SMELLS ".... !!!    
And REMEMBER This Poem Called ......    
.......... " WELL WELL WELL  ".......
Recent American Policing issues, made me think of this poem, which I wrote when yet another version of events arose, some considerable time after the initial stories surrounding how the police messed up the Jean Charles De Menezes (RIP) ... alleged terrorist shooting at Stockwell Tube Station in London, came out .... So, when criticising US Police, just remember the UK's, " Special Relationship " ... with American Policies, and how it does what it does to it's citizens ....
learning once more
of innocent people killed in the name of whatever
    some psychopath’s personal  crisis
    a violent protest against other cultures
    or an abuse of some religious creed

the motivations may be different
yet the results are all the same

the wanton killing of women  men  and children
who do not know that they are ‘enemies’
of someone whom they also do not know

the murderers may have been led to think
that they are heroes for some glorious cause or god

fact is that they are simply murderers

and I believe
they will not even receive
their 72 raisins when they face their gods

because to ****
in the name of any god
is always wrong
Apropos the massacre in Nice, on July 14, 2016.
NOTE: The often propagated notion that DAESH martyrs look forward to 72 virgins after their suicidal attacks has been revealed as a mistranslation of that passage in the Quran.
Kelly Weaver Apr 2016
We live in a world
Where a size ten model
Is considered
“Plus Size”.

A world where women
Are prudes for wearing too much clothing
And ****** for not wearing

A world where men
Are afraid to talk of their abusers
Because they’re afraid of being
Laughed at.

A world where the color
Of your skin makes you
A criminal, or a

A world where your
Mental illness is only sympathized
If it’s a genetic

A world where women
Are criticized for wanting to
Be able to control their own

And a world where
Nobody cares about your suffering
Until you’re already
Francie Lynch Jan 2016
The mother of the one
Claiming to be God-like
Was executed
By her god-like son
Playing his part
In a pagan tragedy.
Un-fricking-believable! Who kills his mother? In a civilized country, you'd be institutionalized, not honoured. Pure madness. Nothing else describes IS.
Francie Lynch Nov 2015
A cancer's eating
Through our core,
With tendrils gnawing
Every shore;
A virus leaping firewalls,
A dis-ease too apalling;
Advancing by some sick allure.

No use in praying for a cure,
The saviour is the saboteur;
No vaccine can **** its spore.
Its mucous is racist;
Its nucleus is sexist;
Its atoms are prejudiced;
Its carriers are bigots;
It's hungering for more;
And it's at my front door.
Outcast Dreamer Sep 2015
"* I met her two years back in a park,
I swear it was she, who approached me first!
Don't know if it was an excuse or coincidence,
We were sitting opposite,
She basking in the sun, reading for fun...
I too reading... but with a seriousness too deep to notice nature...

Then she suddenly approaches me and says,
Hey!!* You are reading the same book as me,
I glanced up in surprise (or was it 'awe'?)...
and notice her holding up the same book,
Paulo Coelho's 11 minutes...
and I smiled but before I could say anything,
she squeaked, "Guess even you like books with **** things",
and I finally finding my senses, exclaimed...
"It's a Coelho Classic. **** things are better in real"
We became friends and met now and then,
but to cut things short...

One year later,
It was few days shy of august,
We were holding hands,
walking around the plaza,
when she suddenly drags me into a dark corner,
looks me into the eye
and then breaks into a tight hug,
She leaves me surprised with an intense kiss,
my mind dizzy, and we let go of eachother
as the city lights become dim...

Two years later,
I thought nothing could go wrong,
I was married to her and was working in a top post,
but destiny had thought something else for me,
I didn't know how things ended up like this...

I was on my knees,
and there were hundreds people running opposite of me,
Red and blue lights discoed in front of my eyes,
Sirens and announcements filled up my mind,
Only men dressed in black and blue came towards me,
They had shields and protective gears,
they had formed a circle around me.

My girl was crying about 300 meters away,
held up by these dressed men,
crying for me I guess.
I noticed that I was all wired up in a mess,
a machine tied to me ticking,
and I only sweating...

Two men with a toolbox ran towards me,
they were observing my torso,
No, maybe that ticking machine...

And all I could do was look at my crying girl,
and wonder if she would...
if she would, for the last time,
Hold me tightly... "

     -  © OutcastDreamer
This poem has been inspired from a newspaper article...  Which has been altered by my imagination...
Few want to see all this red blood spill while most of us, write poems with blue ink.
Destiny Fleming Sep 2015
He turned and kissed her,
He put his hand on her stomach to greet the new life, his voice a purr.
Off to work he goes,
But no one knows.
Until this day,
When our nation was turned into a useless fray,
Where everything will soon be a monotonous gray.
He forgot his keys,
So he doesn’t leave.
Maybe if he would of stayed a little longer,
His life wouldn’t of been stolen,
From terrorist mongers.
He pulls away,
Not knowing about this day.
“Goodbye, my dear. You have nothing to fear.”
A silver car,
She thinks, “He won’t travel too far.”
Little does she know,
He will soon go.
Go to a place with angels and things,
Where he will gain his wings.
When the news announces the attack,
Her heart has been snatched, never to be given back.
Going to the towers,
Her heart plucked, like a balding flower.
The towers falling,
The children calling,
A fatherless baby brought into the world,
Never to be known as “Daddy’s Little Girl”.
That was the day her walls fell down,
That was the day, her emotions were in a bound.
Clutching the Hopeless,
The world in a mess.
Our nation too soon to be broken,
Before anyone could have spoken.
Our people will climb back to their knees,
Open your eyes, please.
We can tolerate pain for so long,
Before we proceed to right the wrong.
(We will never forget)
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