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A love poem for Terry Collett

**** it, not a single word affixed,
and tears come gushing, flooding my cheeks paths,
into my mouth comes the salty outpouring

my nose blubbery, it’s hard to type
when you can’t see and the tissue is
engrossed, engrasped in your only
good writing hand

a lovely Sunday by the Atlantic coast,
listening to 60s folk and rock n’ roll,
mostly love songs of seeded sadness,
simplistic so many tunes of heartbreak
long ago planted in our respective souls

each one reminds, restores,
a heart poking,
all your recollections *******,
as if I was nearer to thee,
and I too, weep,
missing your Oliver

be advised there will never be enough poems
to make one/me not want more,
for ****** you these love poems into my interior,
learning from you the human


so much more than
the when where and why one loves
a child resolutely, absolutely

for each child the unique reasons differ,
but never the


for you, of this,
are the the poet exemplar

this makes me weep
for so man reasons
strangely, a stream of delight
runs sweeter deeper in my tears
for which I thank you
with this
love poem
Johnny walker May 26
Never thought that I could
love again never would I have thought It
to want to love again for she and I we love from a distance
for we are so far apart there are so many miles and ocean between
but through technologies and the Internet we keep In contact each and every day
but I love her as my dear friend she feels same about me so we
each other as friends nothing more because neither want a relationship which we've both already
In our lives true friends that we are she helped me so much In my struggles with grief the loss
my wife but sadly I'll never get to meet her In person for my ever Increasing disability
which will prevent me from ever traveling but we'll continue to
from far away because there are no boundary that can stop true love for love does last forever but
been so lucky In the way I have loved twice In my life and Helen and Terry I love equally
I have a friend who Is helping me now I'm so lucky I've this friend from afar and neither of us want a relationship other than of being friends that suits us both so be forever friends
Johnny walker May 14
Thanks Terry for
And to helping to
turn my life
The smile you send
that brighten each
And feel so blessed
to be so happy
For we are now forever friends till we both go home
Johnny walker Apr 12
I drove out In my car yesterday oh such a glorious sunny day It
made me glad to be
My darkest days they
have now passed to
much brighter days that
now lay
And I'm no longer afraid
to move on with my life
but never forgetting my
She has helped me with the inspiration she gave me but
can rest In peace for my friend as taken to looking after me and Helen will
know that I'm
The Inspiration Helen's given me has got me thus far she can now rest In peace knowing my
friend Terry Is keeping an eye on me
Johnny walker Apr 11
I have  never tried to compare Terry to my
wife to very different
ladies And I think that reason Terry and I get
on so
because neither went looking for each other found purely by chance hand of fate had bought
us together as
Had so much sadness sorrow and pain In my life and of the tragedy of
my wife
but happiness has found me again through the kindness of my friend Terry from
to love one lady In my life was truly special but lose and then find Terry seems too much like a
All seems but a dream never
thought through tragedy I would there be a fairy tale ending to my life but thats looking more like It could be
possible now
Johnny walker Apr 10
Here finally began a new chapter In my life, through the pain of loss I've found happiness with my dearest friend
she who has helped me so much through my struggles with grief
has been here ever since she read one of my
poems of Helen she read, she felt
compelled to email me that she wanted to help me and so grateful I am that Terry did email
for she gave me the will to want to live again put back the fight for survival In me and we've
Friends ever since how strange this world does work In until one reaches the final
In life there still new chapters to be read and that we never stop learning about life It's self I now know the meaning
of my life and to where It towa not to take It to amazing In that found happiness a second 9oround
and that Helens approved
with my friend one thing for sure, If Helen didn't approve she'd sure find a way of letting me
I've believed I've managed to find  happiness a second and that Helen Is giving her blessing on both Terry and I
Twice In a lifetime I never
would have believed, but
It looks like It's true for
me, I've won In my
life and
but now I've won again for the second time around In a lifetime of pain, happiness sadness
and loss
but almost as If Terry and I have Helen's blessing because not once have I ever tried to compare these two wonderful
ladies In my
but can't really put Into words I love Helen and Terry equally they both different
personalities but this friendship with Terry as never ever felt
wrong as
If where destined neither of went looking we just found each other by
a poetry site almost as If fate has shown Its hand for the second time In my
so I'm not going to let this
what Is probably my last opportunity for
happiness Into my life slip away, I know Terry and I, have Helen
because Helen would  find a way to let me know by making me feel guilty which I've never
felt with
Terry but before I became friends with Terry
If I have ever tried or
even just thought about
a friendship with anyone else, I feel guilty, but I shall stay
to Helen she'll never be forgotten, I will continue to write poems about her and will keep my promise to her that I shall always remember
It's as If fate has shown Its hand for the second time In my life and my friendship with
Terry as always felt right never felt guilty as If Helen has given her blessing to both Terry and me
First time ever I heard the voice of my dearest friend her beautiful Texas accent bought a smile to
for this lady with heart of gold who has bought so much happiness to my life and now I've heard her  beautiful
and to know how lucky I am she who change my life around bought light to a  once darkened world of grief
and a wonderful friend to have so thoughtful and caring so lucky I am to be friends with lady from Texas called Terry, who has put a smile back on my face
I am so lucky to have this dear friend from Texas called Terry who has put a smile back on my face
Johnny walker Mar 29
I worry about my friend Terry In Texas, I worry about her when she on her own, this lady who came Into my
by that of an email out of the blue one day and we have been friends ever since me UK Terry In the US an ocean between
thousand miles apart but we text each other daily to make sure that we're both OK always be friends this lady from
that flew Into my life by email one day on to my phone and has stayed with me ever
Terry my very special lady from Texas who flew on to
my phone out of the blue one day by way of an email
Johnny walker Mar 21
I cast my mind far across the sea, so many miles away on these rainy drizzly days here England to where I
My mind goes far beyond the rain-drenched streets wandering far across the sea to Texas a place called Conroe
to where my dearest friend Terry she does live and I'm Imaging her while rains pour down outside my windows, I see my friend sitting on a lovely sunny evening
In park about 5 miles from where she lives fishing with her son I can see them laughing together catching
to take them home for their supper on a beautiful Texas sunny evening far away from me, but In my Imagination
I can be there too, for It's to Texas to where all of my dreams are now, and to my dearest friend Terry
who lives In Conroe
Written from Inspiration from dearest friend Terry she lives In Conroe Lake Texas to where my dreams do lie
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