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Late at night when I'm trying to sleep
I often picture myself curled up; and
being cradled inside of a Chrysaora's
bell.. From time to time I'd glance out
at its tentacles drifting along with the
oceans waters as it carries me along
I eventually fall asleep, it holds me in
my dreams. I'm dependent on Jellies
they help me forget the bad things.
Pink and said to be mean
Your tentacles tend to scare me
You're often alone, are you lonely?
Drymonema larsoni... don't worry
We can be friends, just don't sting me..

Native to the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and The Gulf of Mexico..
Searching for Moon Jellies and feasting once they're found
They wrap their tentacles around- them and drag them in
What a cruel fate? you may think that but we do the same thing.
RosesAndAngels Mar 2015
Bubbles float upwards in slow motion.
Each one leaving behind all care and emotion.
The deep blue surrounding me drowns out all sound,
Spiraling like clouds floating all around.
Only now do i see the beauty.
It's long silky hair that floats in the sea.
See through for them is attractive,
Each movement, adaptive.
They rule the sea with their looks, so uncanny.
The jellyfish.. forgotten by many.

— The End —