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Poetress2 Mar 27
The anxious Toddler,
***** her right thumb;
The News has just ended,
and soon they will come.
But they will not lay down,
'neath her Mickey Mouse sheets;
They'll take her pure innocence,
and she'll get no sleep.
The things that are done,
to this Child of five;
Will stay with this wee one,
for the rest of her life.
When they are finished,
having her their own way;
She hugs the pink walls,
feeling ***** and ashamed,
Child abuse has got to stop!
AM Mar 2016
holding on to each other like braids
tiring day for both you and I fades
my hair was a set of obstacle
but you oddly looked like a miracle
boy you're so special
let me be your favorite gal
like that old cute spouse
like Minnie to Mickey mouse
I'm pathetically in love with you
now tell me a lie that sounds so true
John F McCullagh Jun 2014
The shadows creep towards the mound.
The late September air is crisp.
No bunting will be hung this year,
Our team is old and in eclipse.

In the box the batter waits.
His knees are sore, his bat grown slow.
In his time he was a champion.
In his heart he knows it’s time to go.

How quickly do the seasons change
from youthful promise to aged despair.
You start out as a diamond star
And end up in a rocking chair.

Baseball is an old man’s love,
each Spring bringing hope of glory.
Yet it is not an old man’s game.
That’s quite a different story.

The stadium this day, half full,
and ready for the wrecking ball.
Mickey Charles Mantle has flied to right
and joined the legions of the Fall.
back in 1968 the Yankees said goodbye to Mickey Mantle but there was no "Farewell Tour" and few packed houses for a man ten times a champion.

— The End —