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How far will you go
To get labelled as a giver,
Till there's nothing left to give
And you mutate into a taker.
Tradeoffs for a chance to change
Might just make you strange
mark soltero May 7
things are going to be grey
breathing tar inside
created nights without a sunrise

innocence breeds hopelessness in this world  
don't cry your pains in order to foster their intensity

dark things spoken will play around the mind
like children they scream and curdle throughout the night
chilling sensations wrap around while they mutate

greedy lungs withhold oxygen
their offspring drain the logic from reality

last breaths taken care for the innocent evils that live within
we don't lie for ourselves
when we begin to give life to those living inside our head
it's nothing but negative metamorphisis
Cat Fiske Apr 2015
You seem to hurt my heart,                                                          
­Repetitively,                                                    ­                              
and the doctors say:                                                             ­         
                                       "They can’t bandage a word broken heart,"
   "When the bandage won’t  be able to fix me,"                              
This is when my body mutates,
Making it hard to breath ,                  
                                  Or really do anything,
This is when,
            My ribs,                                      
                 wrap around my heart,
trying to protect it from you,                                              
                               and while my lungs were unprotected,
and I was at a lack of breath,                          
                               ­  you seemed to take that,
with any happiness you could find,                
And I sat there,
                 ­                                       Crying because it’s not even first period
what it feels like to have one, mine are because of my PTSD triggers

— The End —