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idunnome Dec 2019
I get it,
You don’t want to let me in
because i’ll break Your heart
but the reality of it?
You should be scared of my obsession with You.
idunnome Oct 2019
let me convince You
i don't have emotions
don't let me hurt You
don't miss my emotions
i will protect You
not fueled by emotions
please may i have You
.. are these my emotions?
idunnome Aug 2019
i didn't need to be fixed
when i was disassembled
i noticed a part was missing
that part was You,
no wonder why i wasn't working.
i don't need therapy, my poetry is HAPPY
idunnome Aug 2019
i want to solve Your problems but
my love can only change so much
my support can only validate so much
my humor can only ease so much
my pride can only deliver so much
and my insecurities interfere so much..
idunnome Aug 2019
i can't expect You to be content with me
and i don't
i can make You smile
for a second
and that makes me happy
idunnome Jul 2019
i felt so useless
but when i asked Her
if She was happy,
She said yes.
idunnome Jul 2019
i know You're perfect
You disagree
i know i'm selfish
or else i'd leave
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