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Heto ako
naka upo sa isang sulok
muling nag mumukmok,
Hindi alam ang gagawin
sa nararanasang pasanin

Heto ako
labis ng nasasaktan
ang pusoy sugatan,
damdaming luhaan
sa mga pagsubok na nagdaan

Heto pa rin ako
sa buhay ay nagsasawa
sapagkat akoy walang magawa,
sa mga pinagdadaanan
na Kay hirap labanan

Heto ako
nagtatago sa mundo ng kadiliman
na puno ng kadalamhatian,
at nakulong sa kalungkutan
dahil sa problemang walang kalutasan

Heto ako
naghahangad ng karamay
ngunit tinurin akong patay,
patay sa kanilang paningin
kaya't ang buhay ninais kitilin

Heto na ako
tinapos na ang lahat
tinigil na ang Hindi dapat,
kung sa paraang ito akoy liligaya
ma's pipiliin upang mging masaya

tingnan mo ako
titigan ang aking mga mata
tila napakasaya
sapagkat tapos na
ang lahat ng sakit na nadarama.
ngayon ako'y Malaya na.
its all about suicide awareness, let us spread this just to be aware. thank you and GodBless
Kennedy Apr 3
i know i broke your heart.
i know you hear me when i cry.
i know all you want to do is come beside me,
hold me,
love me,
and treat me the way no one ever has.
perhaps that's just what i need.
maybe that's what my heart desires.
but alas,
      i do
is push you
away from me.
now you're dancing through our house,
holding that dress i loved so dearly.
now you're playing my favorite song and singing alone
all alone,
with nothing,
but the ghost of me.
written for my WIP book.
I’m 10 feet down
All day, all night
But I’m rising up
Dirt is filling my eye
Pressing all around
I’m clawing and fighting
My fire shall never die
You could make me blind
You can make me all alone
You can **** my hope
But I won’t let you win
You win when I step off that bridge
You win when I stop fighting
So, let me make it known
You can cope
You do have hope
You aren’t alone
Reach out
Forget your fear
Forget your doubt
I've struggled with depression for 6 years and anxiety for 4 years now. It is a constant battle every day to find energy. Some days are extremely easy while others feel like I'm going to give in. I wrote this for myself, others and my boyfriend to hopefully help us all struggling. Love you guys. wishing you a good day.
Melissa Fayard Nov 2019
I really never use the word hate
But boy do I hate when people ask me if I’m okay
Mainly because I can never gather the words
To tell them how I really feel. But if
You’re looking for my answer to that question
It goes a little something like this.
“No I’m not okay. I’m breaking into a million
Pieces right in front of everyone and no one notices.
I’m losing weight and it’s not from working out.
My thoughts are creating a hurricane in my brain
And I can not calm the storm.
My heart is a battlefield at war with my mind
And I’m afraid I’m losing this battle.”
But wait there’s more...
“My nose hurts from snorting to many lines of insecurity, my arms are weak from trying to pull myself out of all this self doubt and worry, my wrists are wounded from the cuts I allowed others to make.
My smile has been playing hide and seek for awhile now and I’m still searching for it... by the time I find it I may just be 6 feet under.. which doesn’t sound like
A bad idea... I’m tired. I want to sleep.
I think I’m going to take the rest of this pain medicine
Because this pain is to deep, the wounds won’t heal
And hell im tired of feeling. So I think I want to sleep.
Yeah. That’s what I want to do sleep and be at peace”  But instead I’ll smoke this blunt filled
With fake I love yous and it’ll be alrights, to numb the pain for a little while. Instead I’ll drink this whiskey until I’ve drowned out all this feeling. Instead I’ll just say goodnight and sleep to forget about being alive for a little while. But trust me “I’m okay”
Robert D Nov 2019
Don't get too close
I said what I had to say
Knife blade razor sharp
My thoughts too dark and gray

No peace of mind
Storm brewing in my head
A gust of wind causing havoc
From my wrist is where I bled
Sarah Sep 2019
sometimes I forget
what a miracle it is
to be alive
Elioinai Sep 2019
there are so many ways
you could have ended
spontaneous abortion
childhood meningitis
forgetting to look both ways
gun accident
gun on purpose
car wreck
domestic homicide
Death came pretty close
before your eyes were even open
Don’t let the only killer you can control
get the best of you
*****, you lived!
Don’t let your mind **** you
Suicide is the only killer you have control over, don’t be afraid to get help, I wanna see your best yet.
muteD Apr 2019
Suicide never waits,
it just takes.
It takes and it rapes
and those closest to you?
they break.

It’s on a 2 week streak.
Go ahead and mark twice
on suicides line.
One survived and
the other...
and me?
It’s just a matter of time
and all I want to know is why.
Why didn’t he get to finish his life?
Why was it his time?

I’d trade my life
for him to live a second time.
only because I know he tried.
He tried to mollify
that pain inside.
Yet I could still see that hurt
in his eyes.
and what did I do?
I stopped talking to him for some time.
I didn’t know his sadness would be his demise.
Maybe then I would’ve stayed and rode the ride.
Oh how I wish it was all a lie.
I just wish he’d pop up and make a status like

I really wish it was all a lie.
Dedicated to: Shawn Starr
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