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Lee Jun 2
somethings we never recover from.
we still feel it in our bodies and in our minds.
some traumas never leave us.
so how do we live with it ?
We don’t.
  Feb 12 Lee
To face the storm head on..
Having no choice but to do so
Because life throws pain at you and there is sometimes more often than I should of knew that nobody will come to save me
I learnt It the hard way
Alone and afraid with the storm building up over me

The storm follows me each day
Reminding me of the nightmares i have endured
I pray and pray please take this storm away with little bit of sun or even some rain

The rain is good, at least nobody can see me cry .
Sometimes the storm is my only friend listening to me and my pain
Sometimes it's my enemy never leaving me alone.

The storm is as loud as something I can't say
Echoing in my ear
I have to face it no doubt because I have no other choice.

I hope one day this storm will disappear
And I can finally start living again, breathing again, smiling again.

The list is endless…
I'm back now on HP :)
Lee Jan 15
something I’ve always feared has turned into something I welcome.
i welcome change in this New Year !
2022 welcome
  Aug 2021 Lee
Leah Carr
falling on you
when I can't stand
any longer

running to you
without doing
my part

holding onto you
amongst a crowd
of my demons

thinking you
cared, about my
fragile heart

can't last
a single day
without hearing your voice

you hurt me
but I push it aside
and ignore it

for my everything,
my reason to live
is you

each sacrifice
I make, to make sure
we never split

but then
you reach
your breaking point

and your volcano erupts
with your viewpoint
of me

I'm abusive, manipulative

now your opinions
are my facts
they're all I see

and you tell me
you have to go

you're walking
without a care

leaving me, lost
in the wastelands of

leaving me to drown
in the seas
of despair

"but it was hurting you too"
I know, but I can't feel
any anger

so please,
walk away
and take with you the apathy

that leaves you
a care

but that broke
every part
of me
I have writen about this friendship a lot in my poems, especially recently. This is an overall summary, as that friendship has now broken down. I don't know if this might be my last poem, but if it is, thank you for being my safe space, HePo.
Lee Jul 2021
i really wish I died that night in June.
They should have let me die…that night in June
nothing has been more peaceful then that night in June
Lee Jul 2021
sorry can’t fix this.
First birthday we’ve spent apart in three years
Happy birthday josh
You deserve the world
Lee Jun 2021
In the end they will all leave
When they all said they would stay.
Every goodbye changes me ,
Eventually I move on
and our time together becomes a memory.
I constantly live in the nostalgia
of our time together.
i cannot go on without acknowledging the friendships & relationships I once cherished.
am forever changed.
Um so I’m not sure if this is really poetry kinda just venting but my 2 year anniversary for my suicide attempt just pasted and I wanted to acknowledge the people that were there during that time but also left .. might put out something else tonight but I’m not sure … ok bye
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