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  Jan 14 Ly
I'm sorry for double texting
and reading into every word-
that I miss you so much
and that it consumes me,
and that I hold onto every little snippets of
emotion crumbs that you leave.

Sorry I just don't know how to love in a healthy way.
If I could- I would
  Jan 14 Ly
Aaron Michael Brown
Don't replace
with someone
because I'm
here for
Cigarettes After *** - Apocalypse
  Jan 14 Ly
i want to say i got better.
i want to say i can look at a bottle and think of only the dosage.
i want to say i can eat a meal without puking until my lungs lack air.
i want to say my arms and legs are clear.
but whats the point in lying anymore.
everyone knows im lying, they just dont care.
or maybe im to good at hiding it.
  Jan 4 Ly
Mitch Prax
To this day,
your name
still hurts my tongue
but I still say it anyway.
Sometimes I like to
hear my soul
gently tear itself
  Dec 2020 Ly
"In 21 days you will not cry anymore" they said.
Still I feel like a knife is inside of me and I can't escape.
My first broken heart,
"the most painful but the most helful" they exclamed.
My first broken heart, and I'm feeling like the world is going to end.
My first broken heart, why he did that to me?
My first broken heart, did he really loved me?
My first broken heart, I can't stop dreaming about him.
My first broken heart, please don't leave me.
My first broken heart, I don't want you in my dreams. It hurts me
My first broken heart, I'm drowning on my own tears.
My first broken heart, I can't even sleep now.
My first broken heart, I swear I love you, I'm sorry that you hurt me.
My first broken heart, I hate you, but I love you and I hate myself now.
My first broken heart, She was my friend.
My first broken heart, maybe this pills helps me sleep.
My first broken heart, where is my ****?
My first broken heart, my blood is turning into alcohol.
My first broken heart, he's not the boy I thought he were.
My first broken heart:
"Mama he's a good guy, he really is, but I don't know why he did that to me"  I said.
"If he did that to you then he wasn't good. Deceptions are so painful, baby girl. I swear you're gonna find someone good. Someone who only loves you" She hugged me till I cry into my sleep.
  Dec 2020 Ly
I feel her presence,
I can hear her laughter.
It feels like forever;
It's only 2 years after.

We thought we'd live forever,
But all good things have to end.
She was caring, kind, and clever,
Lord, why did she have to ascend?
Have a good day everyone💕
Ly Dec 2020
For two years ive been attached
to you , flinging to every breath.
Thanking you every second I got for “saving” me  

When in all honesty i saved myself.
Reminder you only need yourself :)
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