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Crimsyy  Sep 2016
Crimsyy Sep 2016
Dear Readers,

Tomorrow  (10th of September 2016) is a day called Suicide Awareness Day.  And I believe it is nothing to be ashamed about. Every 40 seconds, someone is dying because another person did not speak up. This needs to stop.

There are truly beautiful souls out there that are suffering and battling with their thoughts and minds EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And I'm not putting it light. I mean EVERY SINGLE WAKING MOMENT OF EVERY SINGLE DAY.The stigma that revolves around suicide , depression and mental health in general needs to permanently dissolve.

It is PERFECTLY OKAY(to talk about your mental illness and/or your is not at all healthy to keep heavy struggles within yourself. There are people out there that truly care and that truly want to help...and I know that seems like a lie when you are in a very dark place and that is EXACTLYwhy people need to start speaking about depression and suicide almost as if you are talking about having a cup of coffee. "I'm having a cup of coffee" can be said easily and without any fear, and that is how people who are suffering from ANY MENTAL ILLNESSESshould be made to feel.

We deserve to feel SAFE, SUPPORTED,  LOVED , APPRECIATED , UNDERSTOOD. We do not deserve to feel *MISUNDERSTOOD, UNAPPRECIATED. * And we do not deserve to be looked at or treated as parasites. People with mental illnesses have emotions too, and perhaps too many. People with mental illnesses deserve extra understanding, care and love.

So please, do not be afraid to speak up. Speak to your loved ones; a simple
"Are you okay? I just want you to know I love you and appreciate you" could save someone's life.

- Crimsyy♡

#health #wellbeing #mind #suicideawareness #awareness

Ps: **Please repost this if you agree and to show support to those suffering from depression. I promise it won't ruin your profile. Thankyou so much.
I can hear murmuring voices
At the  back of my mind.
I can see images that aren't realistic,
Laughters can be heard from the wind.

There seemed to be a strong force
Asking me to get lost of my sanity.
It enjoys watching me sink
At the depth of my loneliness.

It's pulling me, grabbing my hand
To jump into the valley of quietus.
But the louder scream from within
Awakened my drifting senses.

I can see the light penetrating from the dark,
It's brightness brings immeasurable hope.
And I'm choosing to find the trace
Which will lead me to the beaming sunlight.

Not my fear could derail the desire to rise
Nor the frantic illusions could bend.
Angels came and wrap me with thy warmth
Leaving no reason to surrender my breath.


— The End —