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mike dm Dec 2015
stress stress stress
stress stress
stress stress stress stress

stress stress

stress stress stress stress
stress helpiminhell stress stress
stress stress
Big Virge Dec 2019
Poor Tony Blair ...
His Job's Been A STRESS ... !!!
Well That's A Shame ... !!!
If He Wants Sympathy For Stress He Feels ...
He's NOT Just STRESSED He's Going INSANE ... !!!
He's Held The Reins For Far Too Long ... !!!!!
If He's Been Through Stress That's Okay Be GONE ... !!!!!!
You've Clearly Proved The People WRONG ... !!!
You're Stressed And CLEARLY ...  
Far From ........................................................ STRONG ... !!!  
Try Wearing Pants NOT George's Thong ... !!!!!
You've Been Bought Like Your Army Crews ...
Well Thanks To You STRESS Has Hit The Masses Too ... !!!!!!
You've Made Some CRY Into Tissues .....
But Of Course YOU'RE STRESSED ... !!!!?!!!
I'm A Bit ... Confused ... ??!?!!!?
Your Movie Should Be Ridiculed ... !!!!!
Because It Shows Your ... " Shady Moves " ... !!?!!
You've CLEARLY Used A Puppets' Shoes ...
And Dealt In LIES Whilst Shielding ... "Truth" ... !!!
I Don't Have Time To Give You Proof ...
Because of Laws You're Passing Through ... !!!
To People Who ... Placed Faith In You ... !!!
It's My Belief You've Long Deceived ...
Just Like MAGGIE The ... " IRON Lady !!! " ... !!!
NEW LABOUR ... ???
Or A NEW TORY ... !?!
She Must Be PROUD of What You've Achieved ... !!!
DESTRUCTION of Peace And Unity ... !!!
INCREASING Costs of ... " Energy " ... !!!!
Merging Police To Keep The Peace ... !?!  
Because of VIOLENCE On Our Streets ... !!!
" Your Stressed Tony ... !!!! "
" You're STRESSING ME ... !!!! "

And Placed STRESS On Your OWN Country ... !!!!!
By Following GEORGE ... And His Armies ...
To Places Where You Should NOT Be ... !!!!!!  
Right Now Even Fools Can See ...
You've Fed Your People ...
...... " FALLACIES " ...... !!!!!!!!!
Now We Face Some ROCKY Seas ... !!!
EVIL Deeds From EVIL Breeds ...
GREED Leading To Poverty ... !!!!!
While You Retire Gracefully .......................
Feeling STRESSED ... ?
You Must Do ... " BLESS " ... !!!!!!!
Your Pension Fund Must Have MILLIONS ...
And Holiday Homes ... Under The Sun ... !!!!!!
Well Hold On Son I'm NOT Quite Done ... !!!
You've Left England To Police With Guns ... !!!
STOPPING Who They Like For FUN ... ??!!!??
Blacks Now Face NEW Racism ...
From Policeman ... Holding BIG GUNS ... !!!  
With Little Defence From Random Checks ...
Where Incompetence May Leave Some ... " DEAD !!! " ...
OKAY ... Nuff said ... !!!!!
What Was Said By Malcolm X ... ?
" By Any Means !!! " ...
Didn't Think He Meant THEM ... !?!
"Tony mate, you don't know stress !!!"
When Lawmen HATE ...
The Way You Dress ...
Your ... Darkened Skin ...
The Way Your Hair ...
Grows On Your Head ...
Trust Me Tony THAT IS STRESS ... !!!!!
You've Got A CHEEK To WASTE Money ...
On Films About YOUR Days of Stress ...
While You Make Pounds ...
You Politicians DO Confound ... !?!?!
You Talk of STRESS Within Your Job ...
Well HEAR THIS Gents ... !!!!!
...... " Big deal, so what !" ......
Join The Club Most Folk Are STRESSED ...
Because of Stuff You've FORCED On Them ... !!!
They've Got PROBLEMS ... !!!
Because of Your CORRUPT Systems ... !!!
You And Your Friends ... !!!
Those You PROTECT From Punishment  ...
And EXPOSURE On ... " News At Ten  " ... !!!!!
Like .... " Blunkett " ....
You Should Simply QUIT ... !!!
BEFORE You Get ...
ANOTHER Cheque At OUR Expense ... !!!
Are NOT The Things That Bring YOU STRESS ... !!!!!

"Ahhh of course they do !" ...
I Should of Guessed ... !!!
"Bills to pay, Tony I say,
you really should put cash away !
Expense accounts are not  the way,
to pay for all your holidays !"
Financial Strain Like ... " Tony's Reign " ...
Has Been Arranged For Tony And His Friends To GAIN ... !!!
If He's Got STRESS But Rides NO TRAINS ... ?
His Stress Levels Should Be EXPLAINED ... ?!?
He Should Refrain From Making Claims ...
That Leadership Has Been A DRAIN ... !!!!!!!!
But Of Course Though Folks ...
The Job Has Given Him Rewards ...
Well Listen Mr. B ....
NO Applause From ME And NO Awards ...  
And That's ... NO JOKE ... !!!!!
How Much Have You Made ... ?
From FRAUDULENT Quotes ... ?!?
And How Many People ...  
Have You Left BROKE ... !?!
You've Got A CHEEK To Act As Though ...
Your Work Duties Have ROCKED Your Boat ... ???  
Now Listen CLOSE ... !!!
If The Job Was Too Much ...  
I'd of Wrote You A Note ... !!!
The Note Would of Said ...
"It's time to go,
don't come back to work No Mo' !" ...
I'm Sure The U.S. Would Give You A Desk ...
Working With Those Who Run Congress ... !!!
That May Be Where He's Heading Next ... ?!?
That's A Move I WOULDN'T Suggest ... !!!
That Might Just Push Some ... OVER The EDGE .... !!!!!!
Then Tony Would Know About ...
REAL ......

............ " Stress " ........... !!!!!
When I saw the advert for the film, it inspired this !
Big Virge Mar 2015
These Days I MUST CONFESS …  
It's Hard To Deal With STRESS … !!!!!
Cos' MANY Try To … TEST …  
Because They LACK Good Sense … !!!
Like Knowing When They SHOULDN'T Speak … !!!
Because My Silence Means That I'm Counting To ... THREE ... !!!
Instead of … Reaching For A PIECE ... !!!
That Signifies THAT I Want To SEE …  
You Lying FLAT UNABLE To … "Breathe" … !!!!!
A Test That's … REAL … !!!!!
So How Would … YOU FEEL … ?!?
If You Were TOLD To … " Go Back Home " … !!!
When Your Home Is A Place Where Your Black Face ...
Is Taken For A THREAT … EVERY Single Day … !?!  
Or Taken For A Joke ... As Mine Was Today …  
Would You … " Play It Cool " … ?
Like The …... Uncle Toms' Do …... !?!
Or Would You Choose To Take Abuse … !?!?!
From Some White FOOL Whose Moves Are CRUDE … !!!
Like Selling Coc' To Mis-Guided Youth … !!!
The Type of White Bloke Who Thinks He's SMOOTH …
I Know A Few Brothers Who Showed THIS SUCKER … !!!
What It Is To Be STRESSED ...
And Face The TEST of Being DISTRESSED ... !!!!!  
He DIDN'T Fare Well Like MANY Nowadays … !!!
From ... VIOLENT Crime To Financial Plights ...
That Leave Wise Guys Feeling NOT SO WISE … !!!
When Investments Made DON'T Make The Grade … !!!
That's A Test THEY FAILED Like The ... " HOLY GRAIL " ... !!!
Because … ONLY WISE Heads In The End PREVAIL … !!!!!
All That GLITTERS … May Mean JAIL … !!!
Gary NOW KNOWS That Going Gold …  
DOESN'T Save Your Soul Or Provide BAIL … !!!!
DNA Tests Are Causing STRESS … !!!
And Giving Some Heads ... Quite A COMPLEX … !!!!!!
... "It's for defence !" ...
Is What Is Said ...
Just Like The Wars On ... FOREIGN Shores … ?!?
Some Peeps Still Believe That Soldiers Fought …
For …. " Freedom of Speech " …. ?!?
Freedoms ORDAINED ...
For Peeps' Like … " ME " … !?!
To Feed Young Brains With Poetry ...  
That Speaks About … " REALITY " ...
Well REALITY TESTS Weak Hearted Men … !!!!!!
Like The One Mentioned ... In THIS Poem … !!!!!!!!!
Him And His Friends Are ALL … " Coc' Heads " ... !!!!!
Freedom For Them …  
Is Something SHOWERED In CHEMICAL Powder ... !!!!!  
Freedom For Me AIN'T So EASY ... !!!

Because My Speech Does NOT Agree With Coc' Head Sheep ...
Who Crawl And Creep Because They're WEAK ... !!!!!
They Try To CHEAT … REALITY  ... ?!?!?
They FAIL BEFORE They Start … !!!
Stress Has Marked The Card ...
of Those CLAIMING They're SMART …  
Cos' Smart Mouths Talk Before Their FALL ... !!!
... REAL HARD Fa Sure … !!!!!!!!!!
" So that's why they snort !?!?!? "
So That Their Nose Doesn't Feel The Blow …
When They Fall Short of … STANDING TALL ... !!!!!
Standing UP To The Test of Dealing With STRESS …  
These Days It's TOUGH Cos' Things Are ROUGH ...
So What Do You Use To Get You Through … ?!?
Well Some Resort As I Said Before …  
To Having A SNORT ...
Behind Toilet Doors To Ease Their Cause … ?!?
Others' CHOOSE To HURL ABUSE … !!!
Because Their Views Leave Them Confused … ?!?
Of Course There Are THOSE Who Resort To BLOWS …
Which ... Just Goes To Show ...
How STRESS Can Lead You Down DARK ROADS … !!!
These Days I Write To EASE My Mind …  
And EASE My Stress When I Get TENSE ... !!!!!
Because IGNORANT Heads Breed VIOLENCE ... !!!!!!!
Peace Is The Vibe With Which I Ride … !!!
But Let Me Just STRESS That Self Defence …  
Is Where My Calmness Meets It's END … !!!!!!!!
You See It Wouldn't Be Wise To Make Me FIGHT … !!!
Cos' I'm A Peaceful Guy But When You LOOK IN MY EYES …  
You Should REALISE … I'm NOT Scared To DIE … !!!!!
You See …  
STRESS Is A TEST That Is COMPLEX ... !!!  
And Can Be HARD ... For Us ALL To PASS … !!!!!
In Times Like These We NEED TO Feed ...
Our Minds With MORE ...
Than Talk of WAR And Crossing Swords ... !!!

... " Agree to Disagree " … !!!
Or Just … " DON'T SPEAK " … !!!!!
Use Violence LESS And KEEP A COOL HEAD … !!!
And You'll Have A …  " STRONG DEFENCE " … !!!
Against ….
...... " The Test of Stress " ......
Inspired by a conversation with, as the poem says, a coc' dealing, smart mouth, who thought he'd advise me of my right to leave the place of my birth, because I expressed my distaste for it's warmongering ways .....
When I was young I used to dream nd wish to get older then that happened but I've realized the stress of being old is much more than the teenage drama I used to get through, the stress of having that solid life is much worser than the stress of high school, the stress of wishing is much lesser than the stress of pushing harder  but still find your self in the same page, the stress of which u have to report off everyday is much better than the stress you have to handle everyday, the stress of seing your family falling apart is much better than the stress of trying to bind your family together but it keeps falling apart, the stress of things which are far from you is much better than the stress your part of in anyway
FARIDA  Jan 2017
FARIDA Jan 2017
Jeden Tag
Ich kann nicht mehr
Es ist 5 Uhr morgens
Mein Wecker klingelt
Ich will aber noch weiterschlafen
Mindesten noch 5 Minuten
Das geht aber nicht
Sonst verpass ich noch den Bus
Ich komm an
Wieder Schule
Ich kann nicht mehr
Es reicht
Ich hab kein Bock
Ich muss aber durchziehen
Nur noch 2 Jahre
Dann bin ich endlich fertig
Dann zieh ich endlich weg
Aber dann geh ich in die Uni
Ich weiß nicht mal was ich studieren will
Noch mehr Stress
Und danach?
Arbeiten bis ich sterbe
Wieder Stress
Vielleicht sogar noch mehr
Man kann dem stress nicht entgehen
Kann ich dagegen was machen?
Kann ich den Stress ausweichen?
Das geht nicht
Denn Stress bleibt
Es ist so wie ein Kaugummi den man nicht abbekommt
Es ist so wie ein Monster das dir hinter läuft
Es ist Stress
Eleanor Sinclair Aug 2018
I used to feel stress as some others do
I’d cry and pout and usually eat the stress away
Gaining 5, 10, 15 pounds in the process
But at what point does stress become too much?

Phase 1- Normal
A little stress
But less than should cause concern
Take a quick pause and breath
Till you feel fully awake and ready to handle the whole deal that is worrying you
Eating pattern: Normal

Phase 2- Intermediate
More substantial stress
Quite the mess inside the mind
Especially in an unkind situation
Eat a little more than normal for the sake of taking away the thought of the problem
Make a list and stick to it to reduce the impact
Don’t place the fist to the wall yet
Eating pattern: Calories increased by 25-40%

Phase 3- High
Stress has reached its max
Like a leach ******* the life away
Mind trying to stray from the food or the situation
But somehow falling pray to both
Like a host for a parasite
Eating pattern: Compromised. Calories increased by 60-75%

Phase 4- Immense
Stress too high to handle comfortably
Functional human abilities begin to cease
Like a paralyzing disease
Lies like not feeling well begin to find their way into play through each and every day
Not only is the issue stressful but the thought of eating becomes impossible
Now more problems creep in with the deep dive swim of an eating disorder side show
Eating pattern: Crippling loss of appetite. Calories decreased by 90%

I digress to address the source of my stress
A world I thought I knew and had nothing left to do but ride the wind with my sweetheart
But things fall apart yet the world still spins and at the end of the day the side I’m fearful of wins
And now I’m alone and scared of what’s next I just sit here with empty stomach rumbles hoping for your text
I miss you and it hurts and the stress is a burden. I feel like I’m dying from the inside out and I doubt I’ll make it out of this
Sar Lopez Dec 2015
Anxiety is not stress.
Anxiety is not some umbrella term you can use to describe how you feel when your favorite character in a book is in an intense battle unless you can somehow feel how fast their heart is beating until you can feel how hot their blood is until you can feel what it’s like to be that character in that situation the weight of the world on your shoulders
Anxiety is not finding lighting candles to be the only solution, candles are another problem. Another long paragraph to your list of “Things That Can Easily **** Me” example: “I didn’t leave any matches out, did I? I blew out the candle right? I need to check. Do I smell burning?? PUT THE CAP WHEN IT’S DONE! Will set off my fire alarm? Does my fire alarm work? Where’s my fire alarm??? Where’s somewhere I can put it so it doesn’t hurt me. THIS IS OK THIS IS NORMAL THIS IS RELAXATION.”
Anxiety is not stress.
Anxiety is horrible flashing images, constant reminders, the most negative form of “what if” imaginable.
Anxiety is wasting all your time thinking about an 8 page paper due for class in a week but instead of bringing yourself to writing it you are sobbing on the floor thinking of how bad for your grade this will be.
Anxiety is having a crush on a girl and trying out makeup for the first time.
Anxiety is having a crush on a guy and wondering if your sense of humor is funny enough.
Anxiety is not stress.
Anxiety is downloading an app that checks on your health and leaves you wondering how long this has been going on for.
Anxiety is wondering how to fix your eating disorder instead of actually fixing it
Anxiety is outing yourself to fit in
Anxiety is always wearing pants because you’re too afraid of your own scars
Anxiety is staying up countless nights crying crying crying you cannot yell your thoughts are no longer your own
Anxiety is writing a list of pros and cons to killing yourself
Anxiety is lighting a candle so you can slowly burn the list because
Anxiety is telling you if someone finds out, you will die.
Anxiety is not stress.
Anxiety is having making a friend and losing them in less than a year
Anxiety is wondering if all this help is helping or do I need to help myself
Anxiety is your friends questioning you non-stop are they really questioning you or do you question yourself?
Anxiety is memorizing the suicide prevention hotline
Anxiety is beating yourself up countless times “How could you forget something as simple as a Birthday?!”
Anxiety is “I only have three friends and one hates me, one I’m trying not to lose, and the other I love too much to tell the truth”
Anxiety is “It’s only a matter of time before we all die!”
Anxiety is “Congratulations! Two of your friends have died this year alone! One ******* hates you! Oh! HAHA! Wait! They all ******* hate you!”
Anxiety can turn you from “Wow. I look kinda good today.” to ”DYSPHORIA! DYSPHORIA! DYSPHORIA!”
kmn **** I'm so tired and sad lol but hey anxiety
Jordan Jones  Sep 2011
Jordan Jones Sep 2011
Always here and always there
little else that can compare
as if to say it is a ghost
would be saying more than most

stress oh stress oh stress galore
I just can't take it anymore

it breaks me down
it makes me cry
i feel the pain behind my eyes
all in all its all a lie

bright yet dim
it stays within
trapped inside our minds

never sees the light of day
oh what more can I say?

stress oh stress oh stress galore
I just can't take it anymore

— The End —