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FLESH Oct 11
tourniquet brochure
im flustering before the door
I am going through it today

im going through two more.
likely its me, addicted to the lure.
too many downs my face is permanently bound.
malignant. im suddenly tremendously livid.
rose from the dead.
im more to life than that
im bouncing. off the walls, laughing.
todays the day until forever.
alive and green and well and up. about, staged.
im winding, im twisting and falling in love.
he sees me. im seen. I see him. we feel.
I will bump my head against yours until they bleed.

next day is today and there is a bit of a spot in the distance.

its just a turn I can feel it. its just a turn I can feel it.
its just a turn I can feel it. faithful everlong.
its coming
he can't see me enough. im getting tired.

there's nothing but love.
and god seems gone. personified monologue.
numbers say hello and

im still. connected to the floor, offering.
FLESH Aug 27
I don’t know if it’s okay to be in love with you. I’m just not sure what two humans are supposed to do about it except itch.
FLESH Aug 27
Is it because they’re not supposed to love more than 1?
FLESH Aug 27
what a joy it is to think
One moment I’m erratic, borderline ******
My face is sticky, so I’m laughing at his jokes
This is me winding down a mountain
looking to sink as I sing into this drink
YOURE taught to live behind a curtain
Meanwhile snot is oozing out my cheeks
IM watching tv
simultaneously pushing buttons
What’s more it’s just another morning
time to get to work again
and I’ve realized it never stopped pouring
9:44 pm
FLESH Sep 2020
And neither of us are new at this I presume
I’ll spit out the window till I’m out of spit (too soon)
FLESH Sep 2020
Put my ******* on a diet

Was your need not blood?

Black walls with shiny black tiles

Whistle whistle whistle
FLESH Sep 2020
Been in a weird head space the last week, and part of it brought on loneliness so if I made you feel uncomfortable I’m sorry. It might just be in my head, but I hope we’re cool.

And if I didn’t, that’s great. I’m just unsure if my offness was noticeable or taken the wrong way.
This is literally terrible and so cringe 20:38 pm
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