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Your Name Here Jan 2018
Took a shot,
just to see what it taste like
My faith wrapped in paper,
only to feel it burn away

The silence is deafening,
yet the noises drive me insane
Stare at the hands
as the spin around in circles

Over and over,
they continue in circles
Now my world is spinning,
even as I lie still

Vision is sutured,
though images still create
Bumped into a stranger
Maybe I just want to feel

Do you want another slice of cake?
Do you want some more?
Take another slice,
I insist
Take it,

Me: "Sure"
day 2 in the life
Your Name Here Jan 2018
Dead during the day
Alive at night
Do you want to fight?
Na, that's alright

Someone's calling me
I'll be right back
Another head attack
Another case to be cracked

Collect all the pieces
but there is no glue
What the fuk am I supposed to do?
What the fu
k am I supposed to do?

Ahem, Ahem
Clean up on aisle four
We may have to close the store
but you know you puppets will come back for more

Thank you,
come again
maybe one day,
we can be friends :)
a look into the life
Your Name Here Jun 2017
Just needed one look,
as I gazed into ur telling eyes
to know the fire is still burning,
obvious it's still alive.
And baby girl its heating up,
catching wind, it strives.
Stretching to the pearly white clouds,
it disperses through the sky.

Your lips were smirked,
coated a hint of chocolate brown.
Melted right through me,
knocked all my defenses down.
Became Lost in ur look,
like a pouting puppy in the pound.
Perched on ur throne,
defiant, just missing ur crown.

Then as quickly as you arrived,
you instantly left.
Had me stunned and shook,
drowning with regret.
Missing the photgraphed chokers,
softly fit, yet snug on ur neck.
Fell back on reminiscing of the night,
the magical night we first met.
True story
Your Name Here May 2017
Close eyes,
deep breath
Sweaty palms,
expanded chest
Racing thoughts,
desperate to move on  
Rugged past
that is contiuously touched upon  

You see im stuck
Or maybe out of luck
I can see the beauty in the distance
Yet there's a trend of "I missed it"
Happiness is one more step foward
However, the threshold has lowered
Hanging on to this feeling to explore
Running to the idea that I can reach that door
Drop my suitcase of memories
Befriend my dishonorable enemies
Escape the sinking quicksand
Grab on to your helping hand

The more you struggle
the more you sink

Its sad that its even difficult
for me to think
Think clearly
sooooooo cloudy
My visionss aaarrrreee soo clllooudyy

yuor lllossinnggnn cotnrolll  
you can make it
be strong  
you need to go
before your gone  
Run with this and fight
The more you think its wrong
the more youll understand its right  
chase the stars you analyze at night
they are beautiful
and so are you
Deep inside you've always stayed true
Please, I beg
One more try
You need to understanding living
Before you die
Conversation with myself
Your Name Here May 2017
Why create me?
Do you love me
or hate me.
Whats the purpose?
I feel fckng worthless.
Why so serious?
This addiction has me feeling delirious.
This seems so wrong
For I don't belong
Hopeless traveler
Ruthless scavenger
Lonely warrior
Fruitful courier
Im at the end
cant comprehend
im a fake
i pretend
to be a man
just a phony
spec of dust
grain of sand.
But yet....
i understand.
  May 2017 Your Name Here
Iqra Sheikh
It was the door, it was my mind.
My heart is bounding, my voice became blinding.
My jaw is the numbest
No one, not even the rain could've heard me.
Could I have even spoken to myself?
I tried, I tried, I swear I tried.
My voice was not loud enough.
I became aimless.
All I hear is the silence, it is so loud and eager.
My ears tingle with static, my tongue hides in fear.
The shutting of my eyes hurt, it's almost unbelievable how awake I was.
I can not close my eyes
Your Name Here Oct 2016
Stone cold silence
Is all I hear
Stilling numbness
Is all I feel
Pitch black
Is all I see
I walk forward
Yet going backwards
Moments I should smile
I'm empty
Not needed
I'm surrounded
But all alone
sad feelings
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