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Ola Radka Apr 2017
In the garden
of life's forking paths,
I build
the cobweb
my dreams.
Ola Radka Apr 2017
At dusk your ghost
still visits me,
in the place where
my heart used to be.
Now I live in the sea,
but it is fire that
devours me...
Ola Radka Apr 2017
Winding paths of fate,
My inner voice is my guide;
Love's my northern star.
Ola Radka Apr 2017
The sky full of stars;
the night is calling my name.
Stardust in my veins.
Ola Radka Apr 2017
I see you shining
on the dark side of our life.
Two worlds colliding.
Ola Radka Mar 2017
If you want to be an oak,
think like an oak,
not like an acorn.
Ola Radka Mar 2017
Freshly ground coffee,
love wafts in the morning air.
Is it here to stay?
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