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Jul 2017
I'm standing here,
on the edge of a cliff;
looking out unto the darkness below.
You're standing there,
across the way.
There once was a beautiful,
long bridge between us.
Flowers grew on it,
and kids loved to dance on it.
Now there's a broken,
rusty bridge that is falling apart
every time you take a step.
What we once had is now broken,
damaged, falling apart, slipping away.
Every time I try to reach you,
I feel like I'm talking to a wall.
I can see these feelings evaporating from my heart,
but I don't want them to.
I want to hold on to them forever.
The view was breathtaking,
I don't want it to disappear.
I just want to stay in that moment forever with you,
but you're slipping away.
Soon, you'll be gone;
and you'll take those good memories with you.
You'll turn them into thoughts of remorse for me.
Yes, it's true;
there you are, slipping away.
Liz Carlson
Written by
Liz Carlson  19/F
     ---, Marrisa, Richard, Nylee, Elizabeth J and 1 other
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