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Samual Hidden Feb 15
here i sit in melancholy,
the rain it falls so softly.
it stains my face as if i were crying
it leaves its trace, and falls without me.
so i sit. and gaze absentminded
lost in the past.
as i become apart of it, i try to fight
i run i claw i try and gain the lost ground.
i rage, i rage against the dying of my light.
i tear i scrape and i get by
ive raged for so long. i fear there is no more.
but what of the monster, with no purpose anymore
Samual Hidden May 2021
I sit here and write my heart,
Call it an art,
And expose my soul to the world

I sit here and struggle,
with problems that seem to double.
A never ending tirade,
that just makes me irate.

I smoke and drink to avoid my soul,
only for it to catch up the next day.
I struggle with reality and turn to words instead,
and yet i cant get out of my head.

The problems are never ending,
but neither are the words i right,
as i down the bottle
and prepare for the night.
Samual Hidden Feb 2021
The flower struggles to find ground,
Like a daisy in the daylight it shall flourish.
Breaking through the smallest crack,
The slightest ***** in your strong armor.
Slowly it grows with patience and determination, widening the gap crack.
Slowly you start to see, the beautiful flower,
Blooming in the sun light
  Dec 2020 Samual Hidden
Rob Rutledge
Don't worry mum.
I'm worse than you think
But no way near as bad as you fear.
Samual Hidden Dec 2020
Good job and well done
words not uttered since little.
You did good, you've changed,
just fanciful merriment's, never to be had.

All i wish, is to be heard, be seen,
but yet, you refuse to open your eyes.
You wish to peer over my shoulder,
And yet, you refuse even to stand up.

So what must i do to get you to praise?
Must I get college that you refuse to help?
Must I end war?
Or will you refuse to change yourself
All i wish is praise,
But i see now there is none.

None to be had, from an old hag,
None to be had, from those who raised me.
What did i do to disappoint?
You seek not to better yourself,
but only to put me down,

I've grown,
I wish to show you my wings,
But you only see the husk left behind.
For this i am hurt,

I wish for you to grow with me,
but you make it clear that you wish to not,
Your seek not to change only to judge.
And for that you can only, go fu-k yourself.
Kinda rambly, but mostly angry. Sorry
Samual Hidden Dec 2020
Filters litter the ground around me,
Slowly they fall to the abyss.
Waiting for time around me,
To go amiss.
We wait for the filters to fall,
so we may see reality once.
And all the while,
it leaves us behind
Cigarettes and how we see whats around us. its your choice.
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