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Luiz Oct 19
Musing memoirs:

mimicking monsters - meaning men
made mockery my marriage
maliciously minded
miss Maria matched
my mal-intented
******* mood

musky meadows
maximum May moon
Marley's music mystifying moods

mutual meddling
massaging misses ****
Maria's melting mouth
morsels my member!

Maria's ***** moves!
missionary mamal
mmm! master m.i.l.f!
my! m-rated movie material!

melting moments
     muffled moaning
midnight morphs mid-morning!
     motel Monrovia
masked my moral mischievous mistake

masses murmur my mess mid-town!
     my main miss
menaces my medieval musket masacre!
     moreover mulls
my major misdirection

mad mean!
mind made-up mentions:
"mamma! moving!...Melbourn, Michigan...maybe mars!"

mirroring military missions, Mia mandates:
     mushy metal mule!

Monrovia's miles:
mostly mineral mines
meet my mustang's mudflaps

Mia makes murky memory my mistake

moments move minutes
mummifying minutes make months
must millennium mount?

missing Mia murders me!

moral mistakes made
merciful my master, maybe mitigate?

moping my message: me mid-may
matinee movie? maybe munchies?

my masai!, miracles may make!

© 2020
Luiz D Syphre
M&M Edition
xavier thomas Feb 24
You wanna hang with the kid?
Well come through, I’ll be waiting for you.
I know you can’t say no to me cause I can’t say no to you.
Don’t be indecisive, be delightful.
Take your time & I’ll let you in.
Don’t pretend nor hesitate, keep that confidence.
Come take a chance with me.
I’m your lover cause I can deliver.

You ready to take this ride?
Chicago Boy
Yazad Tafti Apr 16
today i feel like putting a gun to my temple
colt .45 ravaged my cranium only so i don't have to go to temple
no more sins i need to have confessed
polished sleek glock; my prayer ejected through the chamber
hold on, the last time i come to terms with contraband
am i filled with love,  joy, despair or anger?
all i need is my reverend spirit to unclothe its self
i no longer succumb to the falsity of needing to have impressed

cut the gesture man
you just be playing chicken
but when i quit playing
you'll hear me squawk
one shot you'll know i've been stricken
farmer Joe tell him this is his last wake-up call
and that bright light in the mornin bruh
we all know sunrises don't last for a split second  

POP! muuu fckkkaaa
really it's a rooster that squawks in the morning
i feel better
one way in one way out baby
Youdont Needthis Dec 2018
Thanks, this is nice
You know I love you so much but you continue to use it
Like a sandwich you got used to eating
So you can't stand the taste
even though the bread is still holding it together
my insides are bad for you, unhealthy even
But I wont ever stop loving you
I'll fight and be the toughest **** sandwich ever
and maybe someone else will eat me
better than you ever could
I like sandwiches OHKAY
cherish Oct 2014
Sleep overcame me
a sleet of snowflakes sent withering
thoughts smiles words frowns
covered up until the same
burying everything in a blank canvas
my mind the artist
adding shapes, adding color, adding life
adding weight
to my eyelids

— The End —