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Maria Etre Nov 2016
We are as unfinished
as the the limitless
night sky

We are as full of surprises
as the meteor shower
with sudden shooting stars

We are as explosive
as the big bang
births a new galaxy

We are as dangerous
as the burning sun rays
as they flair magically

We are as chemical
as two elements
shy from meeting
in a test tube

We are as messy
as a mental disorder
far from logic
yet so aware of it

We are as passionate
as wine with sunsets
as Shakespearean

s Sep 2016
the people who believe
you should happily accept
even the gifts you loathe,
out of sheer respect.

who believe illusions must be upheld
and that things happen for a reason;
That all human life is of equal worth
and that magic is real, more or less;
That eventually, life makes sense.
That coca cola opens happiness.
and Dove gives women their self confidence;

You'll find them reading popular fiction
sharing their black & white opinions
with utmost conviction;
Feeding off rainbow **** & unicorn farts,
and tearing up to fault in our stars.
The romantics, the believers
and the astrological seekers;
The grotesque optimists
and the needy theists;
listening to Coldplay's song
about hope and magic,
talking about their pet dog's
latest show trick.
Graff1980 May 2016
All hail the return of the romantics
New age sages that fight consumerism
Poets that ride the roads like Kerouac
Going home then farther back
To old poets who fathered that
Rich traditions of humanity
With deep thoughts and sweet abstractions
Before dull poets and their dumb factions
Demanded we stick to form
Then demanded formlessness
Casually pursued simplicity
For the lack of eloquence
Thought they had to write to lesser men
Not figuring that we are them
And by writing truth we
Keep them growing
By showing the full strength and beauty
Of this brutal language
We all evolve
Till we are romantics one and all
Graff1980 Mar 2016
Time broke the heart of Van Gogh
Wrenched the soul of Edgar Allen Poe
As the ages spoke with words and paints
The romantics yielded up all of their pain
And put it on display in canvasses and pages
Are you a cat or bird,
devil or saint?
Villain and victim, dichotic romantic,
bruised and beaten, ostracised.
Bruised and beaten, demonised.
A willow bending against cruel fashion's wind.

A thousand storms of impotent hate,
jealousies and malignant complaints.
Rain like sonnets before the deaf!
As your gifts are pearl before swine.

And yet thy brow is regal still.
The profile of a demon prince -
no matter what shape taketh the face.
Be thou Quasimodo or Adonis by fate.
Whose smile has lit a thousand candles
in thankless, bitter hearts,
and fires in the hearths of freaks
who need but a spark to break the leash.

Or art thou Prince of Cats?
Yearning for the freedom to roam, to hunt.
Seeking pleasure, his mistresses pats.
The enemy of closed doors and cold paws.

Or could thou be a bird?
Clipped wings, a gilded cage,
whose song can only go so far.
If not let to glide into the night, to rise,
to greet the dawn with bleary, satisfied eyes.
Of one who has been given the chance to soar!
Or else to wilt, and yowl no more.
Of many a poet and musician I have known.
Graff1980 Jun 2015
Look at the lovely Lord Byron
Sweet John Keats
And Percy Shelley
What an awesome group
Of poets
Bet they were really romantic
Aria of Midnight May 2015
They wrap their arms
tightly around the other's
veined neck
clawing maniacally with
exposed teeth
and wild eyes.

a certificate;
their names as one,
ripped to shreds
but apparently
still valid.

and somehow,
when it's my turn,
I fantasise my arms
would lay limp
and his will, too.

But maybe
it's a glimmer of hope
of a candle in
interminable night--
wishful thinking.

Silly girl--
there is no romance
without menace.
Ashley Nicole Apr 2015
Scripted romance
On tv screens
Fictional love
Inked on paper
Raising expectations
For helpless romantics
We live off these things. They aren't realistic and it's not fair to us or anyone else drilling these expectations in our heads
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