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Death is a sad thing but I understand it's inevitable
and when I'll leave, I'll leave with a great big smile
because I know I'll be in a place with a little less evil
and if I have to reincarnate back, I'll make a deal with the devil
so I won't come back to a world so awful
it might be blasphemy, but it sure as hell better
then living a life so painful.
Created by me on December 21st, 2019
Sitting in the middle of nowhere
enjoying the peace of mind
I'm obviously going somewhere
with this state of mind.

they said it was a waste of time
I've lived so many lives
and died a thousand times
if only they knew that they themselves
were wasting time.

I know they will learn sometime soon
that is something a soul must abide
and I hope to see you
on the other side.
Created by me on November 18th, 2019
Sara Kellie Mar 2019
Angels with torches lighting my way
down grand, windowed hallways
I'll walk down one day.
With framed, pictured memories
highlighting my past.
Flickering candles,
a shadow I cast.
All the while,
wondering why I am here.
This is the story of my yesteryear.
I suddenly realise that this is the end.
A man holds his hand out
and says
"Welcome my friend"

Poetry by Kaydee.
Visions of my last walk.
agatha Feb 12
darling, how are you today?
i'm months into my first heartbreak
and i wonder if you're the same.
mayhaps our souls haven't crossed yet
and your eyes haven't experienced
the first touch of color
if we look at each other,
or how the red string of fate
grows shorter and shorter
as we wade into a thousand years
brought about by
our constant reincarnations.
i would wait a hundred lifetimes,
swim through a sea of heartbreaks
(like now),
go through a life where
you don't exist,
or you drive a knife to my chest,
if it means there exists such a thing—
where there is even just a single timeline
where i get to touch your lips with my fingers
and hold you in my arms as you sleep soundly,
as our hearts beat closer and closer.
Jehzeel Jan 9
Do you believe in reincarnation?

You made mistake with your previous relationship.
Determined and promised to yourself that it would be a lesson learned
New relationship came
This time, you'll gonna do it right.
You'll go an extra mile to make up with your past lapses.

You succeeded!
You made the present one happy.
You pampered with everything you can do.
That was the best moment in your life
And so does to your precious one.

But fate did not go easy on you.
A small conflict turned into a major one.
One is holding on
but the other one is letting go.
Different decision but same emotion - pain.

Perhaps, each choice has its own selfish reason.
A resolution considered as subjective satisfaction,
you both knew it would be the best conclusion
to an almost perfect love story you worked hard.

Still, you ended up hurting that person.
Just like you did with the previous one.
Does history repeat itself?
Or you are bound to relive your past life's faux pas...

...unless you find the answer to your unending woe.
inspired by Goblin and Hotel Del Luna on reincarnation, last mission and forgiveness
Cullen Donohue Dec 2019
My grandma’s favorite holiday was groundhog day.

I don’t know if she just loved the fanfare of it all;
If she thought it was so trivial and fun;
If Pansawtukee Phil was just too adorable;

Or maybe she was just a fan of Bill Murray?

(Which I mean—who isn’t?)

My grandma always had a knack for everything, not just the weird holidays:

It was continuing to remind me that penguins have knees,
And instilling at least one of her grandchildren with a love of the X-Files that never faded,
(Me again)
And people watching
from the car outside of Byerley’s —
Insisting it was going to be her novel
“Tales from the Parking Lot.”

She also used to tell us that my grandfather had been reincarnated as a cardinal.

And she would tell us,
In the springtime,
He, (or the cardinal,)
Would come visit.

And, my grandma adored talking.

She would tell anyone her life story
Whether they wanted to hear it,

Or not.

This included:  
a man named David at the Jewelry store,
some of my friends when we were just driving through on a road trip from college and stopped to say, “hello,”

Really, anyone who would listen.

She called it her gift of gab.

And, she was also really into scrapbooking
and creating slideshows of pictures
Simple ways of preserving the memories of loved ones

I don’t quite remember when her memory started slipping
When Alzheimer’s started digging it’s claws into
The facts, the stories...

Even the reality she knew and loved.

I’m sure, looking back, it was slow at first.
Like those first moments when Bill Murray wakes to the song “I Got You Babe,”


Not quite sure what is happening,
But confused.

The fear doesn’t begin until later,
As the events repeat again and again.

I remember my mother telling me of a moment
Where my grandmother was reliving her
Junior prom.

She lived with us then, and my mom had a baby monitor set up in her mother-in-law suite.

My mom woke to a crash through the baby monitor.
And when she rushed downstairs,
She found my grandma’s robes were laid out all around the room.

My grandma was on the ground,
The TV on top of her.

Her explanation of what happened is she was trying to steal the TV to buy a prettier dress.

In her lucid moments,
We told my grandma this story.

And she laughed
and laughed,
With the same confidence Bill Murray
has later in the film

Having accepted reality,
having accepted this fate.

Reliving days past
Knowing that a future
may never come.

It might be that the reason
She loved groundhog’s day was

The promise that spring is coming,
And with it, the cardinals,
And with it, new life.
Nolan Willett Nov 2019
I died.
Old and weathered by the sun
  Knowing that my race was run
   I was not contrite,
    I knew my time was finite
     But my story was told,
      And eventually I grew old
     A kind reality,
    Hopefully awaiting me,
   I did not know what my life was to be worth
  To a new and unknown earth
Kicking and screaming
I was born.
Experience forwards and backwards
Lexington Warner Nov 2019
water   once   blossomed   into  microbes
into  blossoms,    into  little lost creatures
who bathed in  the light.   once, the trees
opened up  &  said     Let there be green!
                                        & there was

now   our breath
comes spilling
over with
whispers and sighs and
dust of the day  the red river
runs just under
our skin like the sea
that saw us
brought to be      in,  out
each breath i breathe, i can
feel her move with me

the river runs through,    skull meets earth
bones wear down to dust for 
inhale                                            exhale
pro­mised return.              one      again
with the worm  &  the whale.
welcome back by old friends
waving green

not an end                   no such thing
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