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indeed I am a smart ***
I see through the *******
and am not afraid to throw it back when it's slung my way

my sarcastic nature
allows me to laugh
at things that might otherwise be painful
it's also a helpful tool
to disarm fools
who try to make me believe their lies

my feeling on people
is based on trial and error
and life experience

I find that the truth is
you can generally assume that for the most part
most people
are thinking of themselves

their true motives are hidden by their words
or actions
when you really




you then realize people
manipulate each other for self gain

when someone is making you feel zapped
you are being
one way or another

protect your temple
the eternal quest
for happiness
resides within
seeking a life without pain
is to
seek death
to live is
to feel
the bad, the good
the boring moments
learning to embrace
I'm  worried because I have no worries
I'm afraid cuz
I have no fears
I spin in circles
cuz I never get nowhere
when I wake up
I'm still sleeping
I'm so ugly
I'm in the hall of fame
and for that I feel no shame
I met the real me and then
she ran away
Take me to the land before time
Take me to the land before judgment
Take me to the place in the city where my soul can run free
Take me to the place before thought
Take me to infinity, swimming in the ocean
Take me to that place before time.
Summon she that burns within
Fierce shamaness, the goddess divine
The blessed witch & the evil ******
bear her forth unto this plane
She who calls the wind
She that leads the fire
She that is, eternal quest, divine union.
The yin, the yang, the monad within the circle of light
She that is the circle.
She that is the light.
That is within.
That is.
Do not blink or whisper
instead SCREAM with eyes wide open
in discovery of my suffering
is all
self created

I'm addicted to pain and sorrow
not used to joy
it frightens me, yet entices me
as if
I somehow desire it
like a cat
I come slowly
if it can be trusted

knowing too
that eventually I'll grab it with both hands
screaming with joy

left to my own devices I do well
they say that addicts
make no right choices

I disagree
perhaps all the things I've done
teach me
what I need to know
Nothing matters.
Therefore, everything matters.

The world is devoid of meaning,
except for the meaning we give it.

Whatever we do, whatever transpires,
all is an act of


We are creators, we are the ones who create.
We are He, we are She, we are all, we are none.

All is change.
Permanence is found in impermanence.
There is no death.
Only a change in form.

I sit and ride the wave.
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