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Rex Allen McCoy Mar 2018
Sunlight sweeps above the dale
while shades of heather
lift their veil
Then gentle mist of morning
enhancing dawn
with nature's pearls
Songbird's flight encircles glen
to spot late crawler's
search for den
not all that dwells in understory
hides this day...
this day's their glory
The songbirds flee... the piper grins
"Far Darrig O'Malice
yer at it again"
The silence broke
the wildwoods rustle
From near and far
the wee ones
The songs roll out
the barrels too
the leprechauns abandon shoe
They all break out one piece of gold
To waste
before their play grows cold
They barter sheep
while lifting hogs
They saddle...
the farmer's dogs
And all the while they laugh and shout
they never spill their mugs of stout
The Cluricauns with stouter trumpet
descend the town
subdue the strumpet
Spend their purse to chase romance
The quean much slicker
steals their pants
Within the glen
with dusk's approach
the smoke gets thick as suppers roast
The music swirls
the echoes sail
The dancers chant an Irish tale
And those with naked butts
are taught
They stop
it gives the bugs a shot

Far Darrigs crawl beneath the kegs
they pop the corks and fill their legs
St. Patrick's blessed another year
The sound of snoring
now all you hear
Rex Allen McCoy Mar 2018
When clouds roll by
in a blink
Leaving starlight
to compete for a nook in my cranny

I find
that the sum of my brim
grows brighter each night
I persistently
from my *****
Rex Allen McCoy Mar 2018
I must leave now for a while

Do not grieve or shed tears

Just hug your sorrows
then set them free

Greet new days with gallant smiles

for my sake
In my memory

live on
Change nothing
For one pining thought
gives grief one last reprieve

Reach out for me
Feel my heart

be afraid when you see me
in the sky
Rex Allen McCoy Jan 2018
Hearts in memory drawn before us
haste display their vesting style
Daydreams shed and plead ... restore us
dancing o'er a rusted smile
Chancing fancies may discover
heart-light cast where sins may dwell
Shadow-darkened skies recover
the isolation sought to quell
Sifting through those haunting traces
ringing round a fading light
Who might stop and trade us faces
invest a smile to warm the night
To the wise that rise above us
bend an ear to wishing well
See the dancers push and shove us
to the brink of living hell
Rex Allen McCoy Nov 2017
The pitch o' night her captain feared
her leeward pending doom

November's raging breath
to daunting reef she loomed

Her belly shattered
pitched and gorged
as raging swells

The drift of break
blizzard cold
"Come Sail Away"
is her name
Rex Allen McCoy Nov 2017
Hiking through a woodland glen
as mellow shards
of sunset bend
to capture
in waters clear
from mountains shear
The silhouette sings twilight's best
Enchanting beauty
north by west
'Twas then my heart
forgot to beat
while visions to my gaze complete
A gentle sigh
resets its rhythm
I step toward this face from heaven
In twilight's eerie haze she stood
amongst the tranquil shades of wood
where timeless paths
bestow the land
she beckons
with extended hand

hardly seen
I spring a trap
laid there between
Then falling
to darkest dread
Above ...
the trap
once more is spread
I tumble blind through timeless mist
as things unseen
tear skies to bits
Attesting shrieks bare blackest dreams
When fingers
they choke the screams
I'm lifted
to brink of ledge
I scramble
back from edge
Breath wheezed
lungs filled
sanguine air
but shadows dance
to flame's despair
Perusing cavern round about
entwined with scents
of mash and stout
The shadows fade
as faces bare
Their eyes unblinking
strangely stare
Just who they be I have no clue
In cloaks of rag
bereft of shoe
A boiling ***
Aroma wafts
to pull my nose
As grumbles strike beneath my chest
a bowl they pass
I say my blest
The taste is odd
but strangely
Then laughs
beneath their hood
It strikes me now this tale I'm told
just echoed back
from memories cold
Beware the pit from beauty set
Where mortal feet
with regret
I sense
the danger lurking near
Too late
I'm ****** through worlds of cheer
Round about
with no control
Immersed in love
then stripped of soul
Tears of pleasure
tears of pain
Round about and back again
Conscious whirling
Blackness lifting
Drenched with shame
Hiking through a woodland glen
as mellow shards
of sunset bend
to capture
in waters clear
from mountains shear
The silhouette sings twilight's best
Enchanting beauty
north by west
'Twas then my heart
forgot to beat
as visions through my haze
A pondered thought
sends senses reeling
'tis Déjà vu

I've got this feeling
Rex Allen McCoy Nov 2017
When tomorrow's reckoning
draws a bite
and contemplation concedes to fear
Most expectations
fade their light
as echoes flash from yesteryear
Aspersion paid
to good advice
proceeds to mock all sacrifice
of future's past
you see
invades your pride and revelry
What goes around
comes back
to be
In due time
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