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Daniel eason Apr 2
As I drift through life
Pain and anger trys to divide me
I'm not the person I used to be
But still judged on negativity from the past
Will these feelings I feel last
Everyday is a task
I need positive energy to flow again
Back to my previous mind frame
All that's happened can't be changed
So why am i still to blame
Forgive and forget
Lifes too short for regret and shame
Just let me be the person I want to be
Money isn't a necessity
Id rather be homeless and happy
Than live a life forced upon me
A poem about how im feeling at the moment
Daniel eason Feb 2
When you're puzzled for what to do
Not even a clue
Where your next steps might take you
Do somthing new
Alter your lifestyle
Might be worthwhile
Might be one step might be three
You may go in reverse but its your own destiny
Just somthing that came to mind
Daniel eason Jan 30
Sleeping awake
I think its time to take
Another journey
In one place but it seems like another
Its hidden from the majority
Forced out by authority's
Is it your choice or is it theirs?
Have a taste if you dare
Once youre there you may realise
Not all that you believe in is fact but more fiction
Whatever you choose is your decision
Something i was just feeling
Daniel eason Jan 29
When i take the steps to reach the other
My mind escapes my body to a place to discover
Here your wildest imaginations become visible to the eye
Even when you look up to the sky
Everything isnt what it seems
Look inside
The secrets are in your dreams
A poem that just came out
Daniel eason Jan 29
Eventually getting there
Out of the nightmares
Will i slip back into temptation again
Or hold on to my current mind frame

The future can only hold the answer
We sometimes cant listen to what we have been told
Cycles of similar scenarios
We never know
What our next steps will show
A poem about changing and not falling back into similar cycles
Daniel eason Jan 8
Self destruct not a personal choice
Its like being possessed
Not having your own voice
addiction takes over like a interdimensional entity
Feeding on our souls
Draining our energy
Self control out of reach
Anger building up
Nowhere else to hide
Run away
Been left on my own another day
Thoughts getting louder is it just me?
People still judging
on what they can see
A poem about self destruction and anxiety
Daniel eason Dec 2018
My heart is broken beyond repair
I sit here in silence
That feeling of despair
It was my desision to self destruct
But it doesnt matter now the volcanos about to erupt
Misery and anger i hold onto wont go away
Holding me down making me stay
I dont belong in this place you  call home
Youre still gone even though i can hear you on the telephone
How im feeling at the moment
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