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Kaede Jul 2019
I hope you wouldn't feel the same way like I do.

I hope no one will leave you in the mid air while you are falling endlessly on the little things she did for you. I hope you will not doubt all the signals she sent to you. I hope you will not sleep at night overthinking the what ifs that could possibly happen. I hope your dreams will be pure dreams and that fear of losing her in reality won't come hunting you there. I hope you will not take risk if she doesn't have any plans to be in danger, because most likely, you will end up being alone in that danger. I hope her past won't make you feel any envious because you can give her love and all the past just gave her a different bunches of anger and madness and bitterness. Remember, you can give her love more than any other man could.

And while the butterflies in your stomach make creepy sounds while she stares at you, I hope you will not remember my eyes the first time you fell in love with me.

And while you heart flutters  because you make her laugh at the jokes you used to tell me, I hope you will not remember the smile I plastered on my face and how my dimpled cheeks becomes more rounded when you did all the little things to make me fall in love with you.

I hope she will choose you over and over again--the thing that you never did to me.

But if she won't, I hope you wouldn't feel the same way like I do.
Here's a piece. I made this one just now. I miss you Jobola. Pero igit ra. HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA It's not easy to be in this situation. I don't want anyone to feel the same way like I do.
silvervi Apr 2019
Of course I wonder
Of course I care
It's coming, soon,
Like in a different life,
It's either a date
Nor a simple encounter,
It doesn't fit into my last months strife.

I do prepare for a breakthrough,
I do prepare for a heartbreak too.
But I prefer to have it that way finally.
Better than fleeing from love endlessly.

I do need love in my life,
I do deserve the heat of touch,
I do deserve the butterflies,
The ups and downs,
The stress, the rush,
The anxious worries,
The dramatic stories,
The fear, the pain,
And the occasional gain,
The tears of luck,
The tears of disdain,
I could do this again and again.

Because I do choose my way,
I'll be ignoring, what they have to say.
There's nothing to lose after all, anyway.

And once you let me go,
I set my love for you... free.
There are no boundaries for love
In my life, and for me.

So that's my goal,
I'm gonna haunt the truth,
After all it's only this one life,
And how often do we love
Like this?
Never get your hopes too high up
Or they might crash and burn
NvrMnd Sep 2015
I'm battling the toughest enemy
myself, that i couldn't carry
Everyday i want to bury
my heart that's always teary

Arrogance sometimes arising
Selfishness is encircling
Desolation isolated me
lack of passion come free
My ambition is so high
without persuasion I die
Alone in high tones
come without high hopes
Negativity are all in my system
each day distressing perfect scheme

My toughest enemy is not you
from the start it was me, and always it’ll be
Fighting every inch of my piece
yearning to defeat the fiercest antagonist.
-the enemy is within-
Do not sweet talk to me
about the future
about our future
unless you can actually
see it
see me
and not question
if we are truly meant to be
and you are aware
that you would dread for there
to be a morning
you awake
to an empty bed
a twist of fate
to someone who is not me
and could never be
for I am the one
you know
you want
For Garrett Hedley
Chan Dy Jan 2015
You wear your best suit
You wear your best smile
You wear your best perfume

I wear my high heels
I wear my high hopes
I wear my red lipstick

You are so sweet
as the maple syrup
in my pancakes

I'm like a butter
spread in the bread-
melting when you look at me

This love tastes like a coffee-
Strong and warm

But the I realised,
You took me in the heartbreak hotel

instagram: @chandyspoetry

— The End —