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Nayana Nair Jan 2018
While the world can preach
of greater pain
and complain of shallow hearts
that never look out of themselves.
They never see the the windows of their heart
that were nailed shut
from outside.
Onomatopiyya Jan 2018
This guilt
They coloured in peach
Had some stitch
Have you seen how they preach

This melancholy
Wasn't so holy
Drives some crazy
Throughout their daily

This curiosity
Wasn't from sympathy
Thick nor tiny
Longing for tranquillity
Raquie Nov 2017
Is served best
Unless you want to leave a burn
Then put desire in her heart,
Lust in her eyes,
Do as he did to her


The sky's been white for a while
The wind's cold like trauma
First little flakes
Then in abundance
The snow falls with grace

Kinda sounds like us
Our love had me way up
When the sun was shining
I felt Irie  
But I noticed the leaves changing
Witnessed the rain & then the downpour came for me

All these doubts of mine confirmed
Didn't listen to what I knew
Ignorant & Niave

          'you just made it easier for him to
              TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU'

& sometimes he did
most times I didn't mind it
forced myself to be submissive
{sips tea}
so I could bear the pain
so I could play this game

Shots to the face,
As this ***** taunts me,
but I just look hydrated

'So, you think that you're ****, so you think that you know?'
{sips tea}
Personally , yes & if channeled indeed
Really it's you full of toxicity
I bet you wish that you were me
Never would you admit it so I'll stay HUMBLE
Growing up & growing old, you are the latter

Weary, yes I'm tired of maltreatment of my soul
Abused by those, who think they know more than me
Teach me then elder, don't you manipulate me
If I'm supposedly niave , then what does that make thee?
I say, "Guilty"
If we are talking legally.
In other words, that's foul play.
{sips tea}
A thousand kisses, I still wish you could receive
But I'm a queen , we are of different classes
You can serve but you may not sit with me , you fool.

How merciful I am
To even let you live
How far I've come
Like a rose
I've grown
& now dangerous

A step up from the disrespected tulip
I was,
I was
Picked & prodded at
He-loves-me-notted with

Reconcile before you come for me,
Oh, I shall not forget ; the painful bliss
*** appeal, that's what gave you all of me
Exodus, I must voyage to a higher freak-queen-see
So you can see the vision
But I'll be out of reach,
preserving me
Ryan Holden Sep 2017
This world is so broke
The earth wrapped in smoke,
So I rapped just to cope
Throw glow to a soul,  
Gave birth to adapt to the rap then I show,
Embrace my worth to grow l, then I sew,
Puffing this smoke blow away the fake hope,
Chasing my dreams til my dreams come home,
Spitting venom every sentence from a tongue of deception,
I question their method of self protection,
Adding dimension to this world I'm cutting tension,
Need a new invention for a cure to this infection,
I'm punching through-a-void, empty noise destroys,
I'm clutching to annoy so sing a-pray-a-boys,
people roun' me acting koi, like false raid on Troy,
actuality boy, shine the pain hide the joy,
so when I look right in the mirror I know I see me,
again, I took flight trial and error my guarantee,
I live daydreams writing schemes to be alone,
wearing baggy jeans no clean t, no phone,
a drone, figurines no family tree tired to roam,
singular road, my brains so fuzzy I'm bout to implode,
I'm the youngen in the runnin out gunnin,
I'm the one that's becoming too cunning,
I see your bluffing but your mind is numbing,
fallen in the system, it's your homecoming,
I didn't edit the lines, grammar doesn't count in rap ;). I decided to preach it through music. This is a verse I'm rapping on a collaboration with 2 American friends. The audio link will be up soon :). Hope you like my rhyme schemes ;)
Enzo Aug 2017
A social reverend preaching justice to the poor, telling them things and selling them dreams
work in progress/ will add if inspiration hits
Elise Jackson Aug 2017
it's funny how you preach, scream, riot about keeping the peace, but when it's your turn to keep the peace, you keep a grudge instead.
Samantha Jan 2017
We build walls of insecurities out of sand.
Mixed with the grains of every desire wanted.
This child shoveling sand with plastic heart beats, & hollow rhythms, attempts to utter a Simple hello.
Hello, to the true Human condition.
This hello is not what I want.
But the dream, a pixelated picture, not yet complete, floats along bending rivers of doubt, & opportunity. Longing to become whole..
To become whole with the freedom, I deserve.
Yet my anxieties beckon me.
My elders of the court, surrounding, judgement passing, of what true pain means.
Are we all not children?
Discovering that our roots were slowly embedded with and from the Scorned children, before us.
By our oppressions and automated systems, that have created the demons in our closets, & The monsters underneath our beds.
Awaiting for the Court, to hand us our fates..
These Elders, watch my aspirated expression, turning me blue with Rage.
"Don't speak out.
For the Foundation of this Very Court, was built on the Silence of Hushed lambs."
The surrender to appointed Society, has tainted the Fine woven threads of our wool, giving no Remorse for the Unfed child's belly.
An insatiable hunger to scream, "We have a voice!!"
We are a stairway of Bodies, rising our Oppressors, higher than our own souls.
Though we should fly freely among those un-chained,
We are a whisper, fighting against the forceful winds, who claimed Democracy.
If we are equals, why must we not Speak?
Why In a Valley littered with deaf ears, and blind hearts, can we only hear our elders sing...
With liberty, and Justice for all.
J Aigboje Ohiro Aug 2016
What you think is perfect, should make you practice
Practice should never make perfect
Because the hunger should let you know you haven’t done enough
When the world says you have earned it

You never get complacent
And you always keep working
So you never give up
Thinking you have had enough

Just like we quit when we lose our way
Because we too proud to admit that we have gone astray
This is not the hunger that should fill your belle
This is not a hunger, cos you glued to your tele

Watching the kadashians
Instead of reading Colossians
Forgetting your responsibility as a disciple
Behaving like a man who can’t resist the apple

So wake up, and don’t give up
Put on your armor of Christ and get brave
Just like when you first got saved

Share the gospel to all nation
Make His good news your mission..
share the Gospel of christ,  Hunger for the word of Good.
Elizabeth Been Jul 2016
I won't follow the rules, because that's boring.

I will however be the best in my line of writing because I am the only me out there.

You may not like my style, and thats okay because no one said you had to read it.

You may think I'm wasting my time trying, but that's your opinion, as mine is your wasting yours judging something you're too ignorant to understand.

You may think what I write is dark, but I know it is light, compared to the real world.

Your thoughts are yours to ponder.

My works are mine to publish.

Whether you think they are worthy or not.
i dont care if you hate it but if you love it show me
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