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Afeksi cita Aug 2020
It's okay, you don't always have to smile
It's okay to cry for a little while
Sometimes life can be hard
But it's okay, you don't have to play all of it's parts

It's okay, don't be scared to let it go
Cause soon you'll find your own glow
Yes, there will come the time when you'll find it
And soon all your tears and fears will be wort it.
My smile
Once lost her beam.
To vices , the vicious and vile.
Her crown
Fell down
At once,to drown

Deep in the ocean blue
My lips expelled
Dangers and woes.
My heart
Like my face spelt 'red'.
Words weighed void, equating emptiness.

Darkened darkness.
Rumoured wars
Could not revive her.
Lost in the dust...

My smile
Had no chance of survival
Till I rose
To praise the beauty
Of the morning sun.
It's scattered reflection on and on.

To see
The wetness underneath my feet
An evidence
Of the rain being
Blessings from
A planet of many waters.

To hear
The sweet tweeting
Of little birds.
To see the  wind swaying the heads of the trees
The beautiful petals of  an emerging flower.

To behold
The fluffy royals
Floating in the skies.
The gorgeous setting
Of the morning
Into noon.

Then my crown
Banished, from the bottom
Of the sea.
Re-coronating my smile
No longer exiled to drown.
A smile could make one feel better
I am learning to dwell on the positives.
Amanda May 2019
I will always
Look for sun after rain
As it flashes through the prism vein
Of the coloured bow

I will always
Look for trust amongst a betray
For conscience will always have its way
And regret will show

I will always
Look for angers smiling frown
As turns a shout upside down
Allowing laughter to exhale

I will always
Let love control hearts hate
Over a constant populace of hate lovers
Hoping love will prevail
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
Get to the positive lane..
Not just by keeping your mouth shut..
But by keeping your mind shut..
From stuff on the negative Lane..
Al Mak Poetry Mar 2018
You have no chance to rewrite your story
There is no way to erase mistakes
You can eclipse your shame with glory
But your faults will always rise the stakes.
You can’t escape your past and reputation
They both will chase you to the day of doom
And your tears shed in lamentation
Will not dispel the reigning sceptic gloom.
Do things of which you’ll never be ashamed
Be kind. Be grateful, generous and honest
Mean deeds will hurt you first, getting you defamed
The noble ones will make of you the greatest.
Like it or not
People will throw stones at you
You either build a beautiful edifice with it or
You throw it back at them
You choose!
Just thinking
LifeBeauty13 Jun 2016
Hope helps me to do more than survive
it can help and lead me
to live and breath
No more holding my breath
out of fear of what the next moment holds
have my heart beat so fast that
a simple breath eludes me.
Hope gives me hope to take
that leap of faith filled courage
in spite of the fear
of the fall,
or the falling
that will never stop.
I must hope
because the fear
is consuming
my dreams.
So I shall hope in hope.
I am so tired.Tired of the anxiety attacks,that fear that fills me that I feel like it won't stop.That I won't ever be able to breath normally again. The fear is this heavy cloak that strangles me.This has to stop.I can't keep living like this.Change must occur. I also feel for those who understand my plight. Let us all be freed.
Nigel Finn Jan 2016
The best way to get over an issue,
Is really quite simple in my eyes,
Simply stop viewing it as a problem,
And it becomes a nice surprise.

A death becomes a family day out-
Put the fun back into funeral!
The deceased has probably moved on,
To a place that's far more beautiful.

Your lovers left you? Not to worry,
The memories are here to stay,
And if we're going to honest,
She's probably happier this way.

Can't afford to pay off the mortgage?
Cheer up, silly - let's go camping!
It was just bricks and mortar anyway,
And the place needed revamping.

If you lose your job keep that chin up,
What you have now's a holiday!
Let's be honest - your boss was a ****,
And you won't miss him anyway.

You've got writers block and poetry,
Flows no longer from your pencil?
Me too! That's why I forced these rhymes,
And I show lack of potential!
Devashish Kumar Jun 2015
Did you know
Our thoughts can interact with the physical world?
So, hope and wish.
But remember they need a medium to be reality.
No one but you are that medium.

Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
I lost my last little marble
My marble had gotten away

I lost the last of my marbles
My last marble is gone, I say

I lost my very last marble
I can't find my marble, no way

I lost the last precious marble
My marble could not stand to stay

'Round the corner rolls my marble
My last marble came back, today

I now have back my last marble
With one left, I should be okay
I was going crazy at work right before I wrote this. I felt like I was... well... Losing my marbles. And then I looked down and saw something glimmering on the ground. And wouldn't you know it? It was a pretty, little marble. So I put it in my pocket, and every time I'd start to feel crazy I'd grab my marble. And I knew I'd be okay.
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