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LifeBeauty13 Nov 18
Where can I go
Where can I hide
The fear is at my door
There is a crack of darkness
It desires to envelop me
Falling to my knees
I cry out my pain
I see a rushing wind of light
hides me in sight
Dear God its You
Take me Lord
Keep me Jesus
Hold me dear,heart and soul
For You alone are my hiding place
LifeBeauty13 Aug 2018
I the Poet,
Seeker of worlds,
Light and darkness,I possess both,
Looking to see,
Listening to be heard,
Feeling to be loved,
To understand the silence,
Maestro to my music
Ink liveth in my pen
I,the Poet
  Mar 2018 LifeBeauty13
Valsa George
Oh, my Father in Heaven
Guarding me from all perils and trials  
And sets my heart free of all clutter
For you, my songs of praise, I reserve

All my life, I shall sing
Without fail, in bloom or gloom
On every unfolding day
Through months and years
Till death and beyond
Let my songs sail across the skies
And with the chorus of the heavenly band, unite

Oh, the benevolent Lord of all creation
Custodian of all wealth
Contriver of birth and death
The Master Crafts man
Everything is your handiwork.

The lofty mounts
Veiled in misty snow
The verdant dales
Lush and still
The fathomless deep
Where mysteries peep
All the flowers
That bloom and wither
All things
Bright and beautiful
Everything, above and below
In all,
Let me behold thy grace
And sing Thee praise!

Oh! Redeemer of Mankind
Guide me through the dark
Guard my steps where dangers lurk
Hold my hand
And never loosen your grip

Make me face the light
Illumine me with wisdom serene
And fill me with love divine;
So that you be glorified
Here, on Earth
And in Heaven be!
LifeBeauty13 Jan 2018
Feeble in this heartbreak,unable to move
My limbs paralyzed by my fear
I need help,but cannot raise my hand
Darkness is a king I never crowned
I scream in such perfect silence
Homeless in search of a home in you
Breathless longing of a glimmer of peace
Can you save me from the mire and the clay
Of the buried remains of an innocence stolen
There,I can see a flame in the storm of my spirit
My emotions swirling in the power of your hands
Can you save me? Please I pray thee,save me
LifeBeauty13 Dec 2017
Losing myself in you
Kissing you always eyes closed
Our hands are one
Dancing creates a power of spirit
We laugh in perfect melody
Your embrace makes me whole
You carry my tears in your compassion
I long for you when your gone
Loving you is a motion of passion
I lose myself in you and you in me
I lose myself in you
LifeBeauty13 Nov 2017
Holding tears of pain in my hands
my hands weak by the magnitude
of its power
looking to your grace to uphold my frame
for weakness has been my meal of transgression
without you I cannot venture onward
be my fortress to hold my fear in place
to be encompassed in light and glory
caressing me in Your devoted affection
Be my love,be my love,always be my love
LifeBeauty13 Sep 2017
In waiting for you
You made my dream come true
Alone would no longer be my label
Happy forever would be our fable
With every rotation of the earth,I would be loved
Answered prayers floating high above
Till you decimated our joined glory
Once upon a time was no longer our story
I loved you more and more everyday
Stilling my voice and I had so much to say
Pain was your weapon and you had much skill
Articulating my misery increases what I feel
Please Lord stop my suffering so I can sleep
And may they feel the fullness of torture so deep
Knowing they held something true from above
And now they have lost,nevermore to feel love
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