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Al Mak Poetry May 2018
Drop me the light. I’ll turn it to the sun.
Give me a brick. I’ll build you a castle.
Push me to make a step and I’ll run
I’ll run through the mess and the hassle.

I’ll go through the thorns and through fire
To change this lost world for the best
To make it clearer, better and higher
Over the sins, without having a rest.

I’ll make the skies even brighter
Clearing eyes from the dust,
Replacing the gun of the fighter
With flowers, overcoming disgust.

The world broken in multiple pieces
Will once be united in peace.
Overcoming human nature caprices
Lust for life will not ever cease.
— ☙ AlMakPoetry ❧—
Al Mak Poetry Apr 2018
You might be late to say hello,
To drop a message, ask a question,
Express your love, how much you owe,
You might be late in your expression.

You might be planning for tomorrow,
To call, to say, to come, to write.
Your planning might be good and thorough
That ”it will be”, not even ”might”.

And you will come, with love and care,
You’ll make a call on chosen day...
To find with pain you’d hardly bear
That you are deadly late to say...

...You will be late to say hello,
To drop a message, ask a question,
Express your love, how much you owe...
You will be late in your expression.
Al Mak Poetry Mar 2018
We did forget the peace…
It lays in dust, abandoned.
The drums of war don’t cease
The mind of world malfunctioned.
We have destroyed the peace,
The peace is trampled down,
The sanity is labelled “Vice”,
The hope in blood has drown.
We have betrayed the peace,
Replacing words with slogans,
Hysterics and war-cries increase,
As diplomats replaced with morons.
The peace is dying agonizing
Losing count of its endless sores
On hands of orphan sympathizing —
The crippled son of senseless wars.
— ☙ AlMakPoetry ❧—
Al Mak Poetry Mar 2018
To be or not to be is not a question
As answer is to be, as God has granted life.
The question is to be or to be better
To be or start for better you a strife.
To spend your life in fight with evil,
With vices that pervert your soul
Or just enjoy in laziness primeval
Your imperfections harmful flow?
It’s never late to make a choice
Of taking path of self-perfection
And filling heart with love, rejoice
In spirit growth in new direction.
You can be better than you are.
You can achieve the greater peaks
The happiness is near, it’s not far.
When you evolve it kisses you in cheeks.
— ☙ AlMakPoetry ❧—
Al Mak Poetry Mar 2018
You have no chance to rewrite your story
There is no way to erase mistakes
You can eclipse your shame with glory
But your faults will always rise the stakes.
You can’t escape your past and reputation
They both will chase you to the day of doom
And your tears shed in lamentation
Will not dispel the reigning sceptic gloom.
Do things of which you’ll never be ashamed
Be kind. Be grateful, generous and honest
Mean deeds will hurt you first, getting you defamed
The noble ones will make of you the greatest.

— The End —