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Tolani Akinola Feb 2020
bin trying to come back,
Pressing to get through some setbacks
Searching for the real hit-back
Couldn't really detect the main lack..
It's been a while off, and coming back has been kinda tough.
Tolani Akinola Nov 2018
No man can  liberate you without your help...
You've got to decide to take the step...
Tolani Akinola Nov 2018
A NO is nothing but a proposal
And considering it is always at your disposal
You either make it mar you
Or you mar it to make you.
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
His actions is not of pride...
He only grew up...
His indifference doesn't mean he's gratified...
He's just on course to step up...

Desist from telling strories...
That you've been greatest of buddies...
Yes, You lived together as kiddies...
But now, he's gotten some weighty duties...

It's not because he's proud...
He's just got some stuff to plough...
Never take that as a disdain...
You'll be left with nothing to gain..

He stopped answering your calls...
Work on yourself to be called...
He's already on a moving train...
Don't remain there in the rain...
Your effort may not get you to the rail...
****** yourself forward and make a trail...

He hasn't become your enemy...
He's instead a remedy...
That should get you ready..
And make your feet become steady...
We at times see old friends as being proud without considering what they are passing through, when in actual sense even we would have acted the same way given a similar situation.
  Oct 2018 Tolani Akinola
We have different taste
Yet, we're well blended like paste
10 words!
We love different things but we are still able to find a middle ground.
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
Thinking about last night..
I was greatly filled with fright..
I couldn't get it right..
Cause the road was so tight..

You said the word "NO"..
A word I hate to know..
Its just two letters..
But causes fetus to wither..

I don't blame you a dime..
For everything, there's a time..
I did spoke from my heart..
I believe you did too on your part..

Though, tough to admit..
But your action is the best..
Though, I wouldn't permit it..
But all I want for us is the best..

Our hearts are not in agreement..
And Our souls with different discernment..
We can still be good friends..
And I hope it's gonna have a lasting trend.
Told her my feelings, but she waana be alone... Not wanting a relationship..
Tolani Akinola Oct 2018
Get to the positive lane..
Not just by keeping your mouth shut..
But by keeping your mind shut..
From stuff on the negative Lane..
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