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My smile
Once lost her beam.
To vices , the vicious and vile.
Her crown
Fell down
At once,to drown

Deep in the ocean blue
My lips expelled
Dangers and woes.
My heart
Like my face spelt 'red'.
Words weighed void, equating emptiness.

Darkened darkness.
Rumoured wars
Could not revive her.
Lost in the dust...

My smile
Had no chance of survival
Till I rose
To praise the beauty
Of the morning sun.
It's scattered reflection on and on.

To see
The wetness underneath my feet
An evidence
Of the rain being
Blessings from
A planet of many waters.

To hear
The sweet tweeting
Of little birds.
To see the  wind swaying the heads of the trees
The beautiful petals of  an emerging flower.

To behold
The fluffy royals
Floating in the skies.
The gorgeous setting
Of the morning
Into noon.

Then my crown
Banished, from the bottom
Of the sea.
Re-coronating my smile
No longer exiled to drown.
A smile could make one feel better
I am learning to dwell on the positives.

— The End —