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Kashish Lahrani Jul 2020
It's now that I know,
The light you used to radiate
Shrouded my life in darkness
The tenebrosity was split by seldom strands of light
That eventually faded away.
Prabesh Jul 2020
The story of a beautiful beam balance
That decided to balance two weights
Me and my pal were the unknown participants
Clash of the possibility of two different fates

We both were of equal pounds
Yet, every day was a race to outweigh each other
If only the beam would come down to my favor
Hence continued a fight with no angry sounds
A love for the balance that crossed all bounds

Days and months of relentless grinding
The beam still holds strong, but the weights are getting rusty
Masochists with a  false thread and a weak binding
A journey to quench the beam's needs is getting the weights thirsty

Enough of this, I forfeit this war that only hurts the core
Weird mathematics where the addition of purity divides me more
She claims that she was the victim who had to carry two weights
She says"I hurled my fishing rod with no intention of fishing. It is you guys that took the bait."
Ouch, you were a unique beam balance with multiple needles!!
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