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Lilly frost Oct 2017
If only things were as easy as 1,2,3
Like elementary
Arithmetic and spelling
Simple science
Gym was always stunning
Recess was revered
The swings were sacred
Writing on the jungle gym
Running off with friends to play
Being enchanted by the smell of coffee and trees
Magic every second you breathe
Simply because you were somewhere you weren't supposed to be
Close your eyes
Now what do you see?
Dots of color?
Phantoms of light?
Remember when you saw dragons
Whole worlds enchanting
When you walked people said it seemed like you were dancing
Remember when you were happy?
There was no worry about what to do
What are you going to be?
You had your whole life
Figure out what to do
Well what now?
What's your plan?
Too bad
Too late
It's not elementary
None of your dreams can come true
You're completely *******
MaxiM May 2018
Knowing the mountain will not tell you the climb, but help you plot a route.
MaxiM5: Planning
Addict Behaviour May 2018
What's the plan, What is the purpose,
Why do we stay here, When they just continue to hurt us,

What's the goal And can we really achieve it,
Have faith in yourself and then others will believe,

Have hope in the future and learn from the past,
We have all made Mistakes But the pain will never last,

It is ok to be fearful, We have all been afraid,
Don't be disheartened, don't be dismayed,

Our Strength is a blessing that we all hold inside,
If you search deep within Then the strength you will find,

The Courage will come, be patient, give it time,
Along with the desire to no longer hide,

Your spirit has awoken and will soon start to rise,
The fire Burns bright with hope in your eyes,

Open your heart, Open your mind,
Only speak words that are Both wise and kind,

Have a Listen, Hear what they say,
Give them a smile, get on with your day.

Today is a gift,
That's why we call it the present,

So that is the plan, follow it through,
Just for today, Be grateful to be you.
Nohémie Jan 2018
It hurts
Not because of the void of today
Not because I no longer get to call your name
But because you know how much of a procrastinator I am
You know, I'm disorganized,
I never plan
My vision has always been vacant

But you want to know why it hurts?
Why my ego and my pride took such a hit, the wounds still burn?
It's because I envisioned a future
I saw you and I, together
I started planning, I created a calendar
Just so our lives could fit better

So, yeah, it doesn't hurt because of the present
Or because of what happened then
It hurts because letting you go meant letting go of our future
Of the only source of certainty in my calendar
Ellie Belanger Jul 2017
long calendar.
not very many
The blank ones
are like gasps
deeply held

You are busy this year,
I think,
my hands lifting
page after page.
I am
peeking into
with every

It is a mess.
Planned to the day.
A buzzing swallows
all of the sound around me.
Gooseflesh arms.
Expectation battles with
doubt in the roiling furnace
of my guts.
Too much, too much.

I hear pages lightly
the wall.
Goodbye long calendar.

I am off to fill the spaces
in my days
the old-fashioned way.
Catarina Pech May 2017
A whisper of a notion
A whim ready to go
An anti-plan put in motion
A seed ready to sow
Relinquishing to a passing fancy
Do what ever it please
So long as it's not too chancy
A whim on the breeze
Sometimes I have urges to do weird random things, I usually suppress them but  it's more fun when I don't.
Äŧül Feb 2017
There're lots of differences between the sexes,
And pregnancy is one of them.
The man can not get pregnant,
And the woman can not fertilize herself.
The woman is the one physically expecting,
And the man is pregnant in his mind.
Thinking and planning for his child's future.
My HP Poem #1421
©Atul Kaushal
Renee 'Wisera' Jan 2017
Sunshine pouring through the window
Better days ahead
Warm winds are blowing now
Nothing left to dread
Weather can change at anytime
Must stay vigilant
For if there is a hurricane
I'll have no incident
Right now shine down upon me
I will soak it in
For right now we're happy
I don't want it to end
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