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Austin Mizelle Aug 2021
I scream into the
Void, my throat hurts from crying.
I really loved you.
Austin Mizelle Aug 2021
I want to kiss a girl
Atop a green hill full of
White Petunias
Austin Mizelle May 2021
The truth is that we
Were never really in love.
We only thought we were.
Austin Mizelle Mar 2021
I’m gonna light your
Reputation on fire,
And leave you to rot.
Austin Mizelle Mar 2021
Old eyes gaze upon
Young faces. So in love they
Were, so young and dumb.
Austin Mizelle Mar 2021
She was a killer.
Little did I know, I was
Just her next victim.
girls are drinks served to kings, unfortunately some are poisoned
Austin Mizelle Mar 2021
It's been a year now.
I hope you're doing okay,
Wherever you are.
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