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elysian Dec 2019
it's a new day.
a new beginning, as they say.
put away your sorrows,
and look forward to the morrow.
it's time for you to wake up and shine,
tell yourself, "the world is mine."
each day is for growing,
taking lessons to become more knowing.
it's a new day, my sweet,
here's to a life, that feels complete.
elysian Dec 2019
what am i doing?
other than my constant overthinking
oh help me find my direction,
bring me to my resurrection.
lost, confused, cold and scared,
begging life for me to be spared.
i can’t see my end,
something i can’t comprehend.
oh, misty day
please don’t lead me astray.
soz for not posting, i’m touring europe at the moment!
elysian Dec 2019
once again, the mistress of slumber has been cruel to me.
oh, why can’t the thoughts in my mind let me be?
i doubt this could be healthy.
just how ******* lovely.

watching the sun rise,
i wonder if this could lead to my eventual demise?
dark thoughts, i know, that i so despise.
staring into emptiness as tears dry.

i feel as though i’m on the brink of insanity.
the voices in my mind scream profanities.
praying and begging for serenity,
i’m only ever met with my own malignity.
guess who got no sleep (again)
elysian Dec 2019
sleeping soundly,
my love beside me.
i wonder if he knows,
my midnight woes.

not long ago,
i met a beau.
denying his glamour,
would cause me to stammer.

but i am reminded again,
of my sweet man.
nothing could change my love,
as pure as a white dove.

temptation is hard to resist,
but true love always persists.
elysian Dec 2019
what am i, but a shell?
passion eroded.
personality? farewell.
innocence corrupted.
all love repelled.

i am trapped, yet in motion,
it's a bitter pill to swallow.
like a shell in the ocean,
i'm nothing more than hollow.
elysian Dec 2019
maybe i'm just weak for love,
of perhaps its the chase that i get a kick out of.
stunning mister,
you make my heart pound faster.
tall, dark and handsome, its hardly fair,
tempting me into immoral affair.
fantasy is all it'll ever be,
nothing will come of what i foresee.
oh well, see you never, beautiful stranger,
with those eyes full of danger.
elysian Dec 2019
neon lights and drunken nights,
skimpy tights and unholy delights.

anything to make the pain disappear,
go ahead and down another beer.

hennessy to forget but somehow always remember,
that fateful night in september.

blaring music and tight spaces,
i'd doubt i'm still in your mom's good graces.

euphoria fills my head,
helping me forget a love now dead,

finding your next replacement,
thinking how to tell them about my lack of commitment.

finally, stumbling home,
letting strangers roam.

alas, the night has come to an end,
wake, rinse and repeat again.
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