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elysian Sep 2020
am i in love with you?
or am i in love with love?
do i chase the dreams of you with me, hand in hand as we walk down our life paths?
or do i simply enjoy euphoric, temporal and carnal desire for you?
to give non-divine divinity, i’ve come to realise,
will only await pain and heartbreak.
elysian Sep 2020
you kept me awake,
filled me with butterflies,
made me dream of my future,
my hand in yours.
you promised me with those eyes.

the universe works in mysterious ways.

you make me want to sleep and never wake up,
so i don’t have to remember,
the mistake i made.
i suppose it was my fault, for trusting you.
elysian Sep 2020
i supposed i should’ve heeded my mother’s warning,
not to open my door to strangers.
foolish girl,
always too trusting.

exposing my heart to him, raw and awaiting,
only to have it crushed in the palm of his hand,
while he sets it down gently.

tell me, how could you blame me for locking my doors now?
elysian Sep 2020
go to sleep, silly.
he doesn’t love you.
elysian Sep 2020
to say i was blinded by your light would be an understatement.

sweet nothings you whisper in my ear,
how could you expect me not to fall?

deeper and deeper my love ran through the tracks, only to find no designation.

how long has it been since i’ve faced rejection, i wonder?

stupid girl, to think a boy like you would ever come to love a heathen like me

oh how it feels to cry over a boy who doesn’t love you.
elysian Sep 2020
i should’ve known better than to put my heart into something so fleeting
and now i’m left here robbed
all alone

i should’ve known it was too good to be true
elysian Sep 2020
it’s barely been a week since
our first kiss
it’s barely been a few days since
our shared intimacy

is it too early to say i need you with me?
would you love me if i asked you nicely?

my head is underwater
and i can’t sleep
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