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Anomaly Dec 2016
I am a polar bear
I sit on my iceberg

I don't like hugs , never did never will
But hugging you , I'd ask time to stand still

I also don't like when two mouths touch
But I'd kiss every inch of you , pretty much

Honey is from the same place as bee stings
I hate to look like an idiot or forget things

But I'd happily be an idiot to your eyes
I am a polar bear under the polluted skies

pianos and cellos were my favorite sound
When you talk ,  my new favorite is found

The iceberg will slowly melt
And I the polar bear with what I felt
Will drown to my death
It's at 1 am thst I realize that the polar bears are dying
Anjali Nov 2019
He is just a attraction don't make him your distraction...(friends said)
I'm just part of your childishness and fiction..(he said)
Now after eight  year my heart proved he is my love...
Neither a attraction nor a distraction...
Just a  part of   my wonderfull  life and heart with a wonderful  feeling but a one sided destination.....!!!!!!      Copyrights : Anjali
Jesska Jun 2014
She didn't know the love he had
She didn't know all the beautiful things he did just for her smile
He worked in a cloak in the dead of night,
Planning a life for the 2 of them
Plans for two mean nothing, when only one knows
How could he say nothing and do so much?
So she is BROKEN and confused while thinking their love was onesided
Her friends knew how he felt.
He talked to them
But no words were given to the one who needed them the most.
Lonely is the heart who loves the emotionally timid
Just talk to me
Tell me the things you can share so easily with everyone else
Just say it
Or else I'll never know.
My way of saying that nothing is too small or insignificant  when dealing with the matters of the heart. ALWAYS tell the other how you feel <3
Meka Boyle Jan 2012
Your bottom lip is quivering,
As if the moment is weighing down upon it.
Hold it in, darling.

Your hands are intertwined with your tattered sleeves,
As if the more you fidget, the less you will feel.
Hold it in, darling.

Your eyes are taking on that glassy look,
The one always followed with silent tears.
Hold it in, darling.

Your voice is beginning to waver,
As your words run into each other, fumbling out of your mouth.
Hold it in, darling.

Your gaze is fixed upon an insignificant crack on the wall,
As if staring at it long enough will give everything less meaning.
Hold it in, darling.

She's telling you that there are people who care for you, that you aren't alone,
As if they could ever truly understand.
Hold it in, darling.

She's asking you how you feel, she want's you to talk about it,
As if saying how you feel would make it any better, it won't.
Hold it in, darling.

Somewhere between the onesided conversation, some sort of closure was reached,
As if you even opened up in the first place.
Hold it in, darling.

Now you're all alone in the cold, small office, getting ready to leave.
As if you had been present in the first place.
Hold it in, darling.

Don't ever let them see you cry,
Save your tears for the middle of the night,
And until then,
Hold it in, darling.
The birth of a fire
Love, lust, desire

I love you for your attire
There are many things I admire
Like the previous spoken of, fire

It is consumption
Eruption of soul
Unleashment of toll
It is forgiving
And warmth giving when shivering

Some people are the warmth that radiate
This is the fire
They radiate their love
Their lust
Their desire
They radiate their care
with a stare
With attraction you cant bare
They bring you light
Open up the darkness
They give you sight
With a glare of this fire
You weaken but get stronger
Pointless no longer

The birth of ice
The act of being nice
A heart that is cold
"It won't work" can seemingly be foretold
It's a slippery sly girl or guy
Who does nothing but try to survive
A onesided relationship
They try to maintain themselves
Their structure
Even if they pull out your heart strings, break you, or rupture

Some people are the ice
They live to their own word
They will burden you, corrupt,
and construct, and that I am certain
You are their project of benefit
They are a parasite and your they're construction site
They bring about darkness
And take your light
They take your heat and leave you desperate
And emotionally less fit
They do not offer often
And rarely soften
They are hard, and perfect in their eye

Fire and Ice
Desire and Strife
You are my fire
You give me life
Valentines day is just moments away
I think about you most every day
You are my fire
I love you for you, and your attire
Your eyes that melt
And the melting feeling that with you I felt
I ask of you
For I am lucky
If even this poem is sucky
I ask of you
To make this moment fill ever more so
With my love of the one thing that is true
To make this moment fill with fire
Flames of immense desire
I ask of you
To be mine.
To be my fire
Or to be my ice
I love you enough
That either will suffice
Will you bring about dreams that i admire
And outlast time
Take away my struggles
And Valentine?
Valentine #3
Miguela shine Nov 2015
I start to love before reason
Feelings fall upon sight
And at that point
I've already lost

Love is a war they say
Most of the time
With me
Its a onesided battle
Against myself

He likes me
I love him
He's nice
I'm perverted
He hates me
I'm cut it back
He calls me beautiful
I get tongue tied
he expects me to talk
He looks at me
He said I'm glad to see you
*What do I do
Same guy as before
Dazed Dreaming  Nov 2017
Fake it
Dazed Dreaming Nov 2017
Why are some days harder than others.
Why is it that today of all days it got a little harder?
Why of all days did I think about you and cry a little harder?

Maybe it's because I finally see you for who you really are.
Maybe its because I finally realize everything you said, did and felt was an out right absolute lie.
Maybe its because I finally realized no matter what moments we had shared together and no matter how special I thought they were...they actually weren't...

If you asked me what killed me more... I wouldn't have an answer.

How the **** do you tell yourself it wasen't real?
How do you tell your heart..
It was all a lie?
The love was all just onesided?
How do you tell yourself you have to forget?
You have to move on?
That even though your heart might be breaking....
His isn't...

Love has cursed me...
And so have you.

I'm glad you can walk this earth without feeling anything.
Never loving anyone.
Never feeling the excruciating pain of a broken heart.
The kind that  paralyzes you.
The kind that leaves a permanent mark on your heart.

I ******* hate it.
Weird day.

Why have you made relationships so strange ?

Why is it that parents, their children love unconditionally, with all their heart.

These children are of their parents lives, the most important part.

Then these children, in response, return do not this love, unconditionally.

Many a times, we see these relationships are onesided with an angle of involvement commercially.

Parents practical  are not, say these children, these silly inherents.

Strangely, the cycle repeats, where love they, their children more than their parents.

Of course, as usual, exceptions to the rule, there are always.

There are children, who upon their parents dote; and for them do a lot.

Lord, whatever, You do always has a reason valid; but understand it, we cannot.

Your ways complicated and strange are, out of our comprehensive range.

Can You in some way, explain this phenomenon strange ?

Armin Dutia Motashaw
Infamous one  Aug 31
Infamous one Aug 31
Scared to death of dating
Being with the wrong girl
She was insecure
Knocking everyone to feel secure
Tried to make her happy
Never good enough
Dieing inside trying to make it work
Eventually shut down failed
She had to end it to be over
Thinking for two a failed ending
Couldn't change the outcome
Could barely think for one
Couldn't match up or compare
Treated unworthy onesided unfair
Trying to move on
Learned to be happy single
Not rely or be clingy to anyone
Have a life and share my world
Not love be neglected into demise




— The End —