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Jan 2016
We are the "minority"
We are the "weird ones"
We are the "crazy people"
We are the "Oh, they should be locked up!"
We are the "Honey, let's go somewhere else. SHE is here."

We are the light
                    in an otherwise dark world
We are the color
                    in an otherwise grey world
We are the art
                    in an otherwise lame world
We are the curves
                    in an otherwise straight world
**We are the poets of the world
In the recent New Yorker, writer Elizabeth Kolbert has a great article on rising sea levels and how they will especially affect south Florida. Here's a link to the article:
In the penultimate section of the article, Kolbert writes that Bruce Mowry, city engineer of Miami Beach, muses, "I'm sure if we have had poets, they'd be writing about the swallowing of Miami Beach by the sea."  

How very odd that he thinks Miami Beach does not have poets and that he also feels their lack in new poetry about sea level rise which truly threatens their city. We must help! Let us step in and write some poems on their behalf. Write a poem about Miami Beach (I've never been there, but I won't let that stop me), the rising sea levels, climate change, flooding, or the strange ignorance of the poets in our midst
Written by
Phoenix  18/F/Modesto, California
(18/F/Modesto, California)   
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