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Harley Hucof Apr 2017
My kingdom is no longer of this world
I shall escape for i am no longer the lord
I am a traveller always walking without a goal
A wanderer moving away without a home

I am no longer of this world
My people are calling me
Let them run after me

This earth have grown too round for me
I shall hide blissfuly
I shall enjoy my security

I and me will run alone though we shall miss our land
In the night however , we shall dance

Words Of Harfouchism
Nylee Sep 2016
I am looking for a reason
A reason to change
A reason to be better
A reason to start a new start

I know I am not perfect
I have too many flaws
I have too many regrets
I have too many bad days

But I know there is something
That is worth living
That is worth changing
that is worth waking up next morning

But I have not found it yet
Struggling in endless circles
To look for something
that can motivate , that can be my reason
Ben Fernekees Jan 2016
todays the day that i watched you
walk away, as I died in my room,
I closed the shades and fell asleep,
and while I slept I dreamt,

I saw how skies could be blue
and realized the sky was you,
clouds drifting, birds dancing,
winds shifting, tranquility ending.

I find it strange how fast things change
for once it rains it’s never the same
but life goes on at the end of the song
I just hope my skies are blue

I watched the clouds grow over head,
I pled and said oh my,
the blue skies have gone away
just as the ground became dry,

The rain begins as I get drenched
and when I clenched my fists,
I got devoured by a mist,
that twists the mind for all of time

tho my mind was already broken
all that was spoken was washed from my ears,
and dear, it isn’t an easy fear
for your heart to not be able to hear,

when your heart can’t hear and the mind is blind
it’s hard to find meaning inside
yourself, making it hard to trust
the one you must, yourself

I find it strange how fast things change
for once it rains it’s never the same
but life goes on at the end of the song
I just hope my skies are blue

I felt the cold of the rain,
accepted the hold of the pain,
took the toll of shame,
and forgave all the blame,

I wake from the dream with skies clear
and realize all that I hold dear,
now that my days finally begun,
I look out and see the sun

I find it strange how fast things change
for once it rains it’s never the same
but life goes on at the end of the song
I just hope my skies are blue
Bryan Omar Jan 2016
Have you ever thought about the way we change?
To be more precise the way we change for someone
It all can vary from person to person
But it all has the same result

We accommodate for one another
With the other not noticing what we have done for each other
Why does all this happen?

We notice until it is all gone
Or we have some one say,
Hey where have you gone?

I sit here thinking about all the changes I have done
From the way I talked
To the way I walked
To the way I saw
To the way I loved

The funny thing is
We start loving someone new
Where we left of loving the old
Seems like we are like insects going through Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis- the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages
Happy 16 to all :D

Its bin a long long time and I'm happy to be back...
Hello Poetry is love <3
Keep reading..
#HP forever

Much Love :
Flo Sep 2015
Playing strange melodies appealing to my heart
Giving me the strength to have a new start
Carries me throughout the dark
Let music be the spark
To ignite a fire of passion
A poem to remind people that music is a great way to overcome sad feelings and motivate oneself to start over again.
Michelle Aug 2015
September is looming.
The greenery will soon decay
And rust into its dull, autumnal shade.
A fresh start once sounded appealing
But I cannot suppress this fearful feeling.

Moving to a city where nobody knows me,
(although that sounds the same as here).
Reinventing myself,
(but I'll probably loathe that version of me the same).

Oh, what to do?
When the world's at your feet
But you can't take the leap?
Imraan Mohamed Jun 2015
There's a thrill in the shiver
I get when I jump off the path.
A vigorous ****** shudder,
As I land up in the gutter.

My body knows this way is wrong,
However so wrought it may be
With joyous sweet song.

The melody takes over,
A sharp ringing in the brain.
The world is disobeying,
All has gone insane.

And suddenly it erupts,
With tremor after tremor,
Lost for all cause,
In the head it's trying to sever.

Yet in destruction there is beauty,
The chance of new life.
And as I set myself on fire,
I've never felt more alive.
Alyanne Cooper Apr 2015
You say,
"You should let me love you."
And my heart skips a beat.

You say,
"You should let me love you."
And my apple-cheeks redden.

You say,
"You should let me love you."
And all my fears disappear.

You say,
"You should let me love you."
And I know that's all I want too.

You say,
"You should let me love you."

I must confess
I'm broken-hearted, damaged, and
I don't know how...

But when you say,
"You should let me love you."
I'll say,
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