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Mar 7
Dear demoiselle en détresse,
I’m sorry I’m not the prince charming you expected
Who would run after you as the clock hit midnight
Or fight my way through all perils to free you from your slumber with a kiss
I’m sorry I’m the one who would rather spend his evening in his room
Surrounded by books rather than waste the night away at a party
The one who’s idea of a perfect date is eating our way through a pizza
While talking about everything and nothing
Instead of a candlelight dinner making promises we both know we can’t keep
The one who ***** with the jocks
Reads with the nerds
Hangs with the stoners
Says hi to the outcasts
The one who belongs everywhere and nowhere at the same time
The loner
The one who would love you for the color of yours eyes over what catches the eye
The one who would love the words coming out of your lips over the sway of your hips
The one who would ask you about your favorite book instead of the number followers you have
I’m sorry I am the guy who would trick the dragon instead of fighting it
I’m sorry I ain’t the knight in shining armor
I’m just the guy telling him where to strike with his sword
And even if you look past that
I’m sorry I want a companion who would ride by my side
Not a trophy wife to hang and brag about
I’m sorry I always ***** my finger on the thorns of the roses
Which is why next time I’ll pray for a sunflower
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