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Ronald Jones Feb 2016
Metaphysically speaking, computers are straitjackets of the soul.
Ronald Jones Feb 2016
Another definition of sadomasochism is golf.
Speechless, ignored, could
You even miss me at all
If I fell away?

If I drowned like my
Words that everyone doubted
And learned to neglect?

A silent heartbeat,
With the silence you put to
Everything I say?

I wish a friend would
Like my company, I just
Haven't found one yet-
I'm quiet. I'm talked over a lot.
edit: i finally found a friend that does :))
jeffrey conyers May 2016
The neglected child know reasons they feel that way.
Maybe mom placed another before you.
Like a lover or two.

Still wanted to party.
When her focus should have been on raising you.
So you can see their perspectives and views not highly of you.

The neglected child know why the world dad means nothing to them
And any excuse offered will not easily attracts them to loving you.
Many very aware of the logic used and your reasoning too!

I was young.
I wasn't ready.
Excuses many neglected children's have heard over times
Keith Wilson Aug 2016
Passed  a  neglected  garden  of  late.
It  seemed  in  quite  a ­­ sorry  state.
Some  men  came  to  make  some  notes.
But  seem­ed  to  give  it  little  thought.
Up  on  high  the  grasses  gr­ow.
Beneath  the  windows  row  by  row.
The  other  plants  just­ ­ cry  with  pain.
I  guess  we'll  never  grow  again.
They  ha­ve­  taken  up  our  space  on  the  ground
Like  an  advancing  ­army  I'll  be  bound.
They  are  taking  our  water  Oh  my.
As ­ they  journey  to  the  sky.
Perhaps  it  soon will  be  resolved.­
And  peace  will  reign.
Once again

Keith  Wilson    Windermere.  UK.  2016­.
Some revisons
jeffrey conyers Apr 2014
Love, always seem to show.
When others  take notice.
When the one you neglected attracts some kind of interest.

The one that only asked to be loved, held and respected.
Seem to be taking by the one they love for granted.

But the minute eyes are upon them.
And a smile upon their face.
The one that neglected them.
Now wants to show rage.

Truth has been stated and spoken for years.
Neglect a good person.
And another will impress them.
Give them the attention that you never afforded them.

And when you hurt and feel scorned.
Just remember from where that feeling comes?
That the one that loved you the most.
Shouldn't be waiting upon you to call.
Ronald Jones May 2016
Melodrama is when you are allowed to laugh at tragedy.
Katie Nicole  May 2014
Katie Nicole May 2014
my* neglected heart
so frayed, so dry, so weary
only longs for *
brooke  Sep 2013
Neglected Skin.
brooke Sep 2013
I always made it my
business to touch the
parts of you even you
neglected, the webbing
between your fingers,
your eyebrows. I was
fascinated by your
eyelashes, I always
wanted to show you
I would not hurt
your eyes.
(c) Brooke Otto
JR Potts Sep 2013
We were misfits
the neglected *******
of a backwards world
that rejected us
not because we were sick
demented or dangerous
but because we didn't prescribe
to a preconceived notion
of what a functioning citizen was.

Not rotten enough to spoil
behind the bars of a prison
just competent enough
to work menial jobs
and drown our sorrows
at the corner pub.

We swallowed this hard truth
the same way we drank our shots
with no chaser
and at times it burnt
maybe even made us tear up
but we never let it beat us
(too strong for that)

We were beautiful
resilient beasts
that could carry the weight
of the world upon our shoulders
and it was heavy
but we would tell ourselves
"doesn't every world need an atlas?"
so we went on holding up the sky
when no one asked it of us.
Ron Gavalik  May 2016
Ron Gavalik May 2016
I only love you
at night
when loneliness
fuels desire
rational thought

Your value is reflected
in an empty whiskey bottle
on the stained carpet

Funny how everything
is eventually
A little ******* truth.

— The End —