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Lily Dec 2018
I know you’ve seen many Christmas poems today,
And will in the days to come,
But mine will be different, I pray.

Amidst all of the gifts and presents,
Among the crowds of relatives and good food,
We cannot forget who is always in our presence.

God the Father and God the Son,
And God the Spirit, are present;
The Trinity, three in one.

Although the presents are fun,
And you realize your crazy uncle is actually kind of cool,
We have to leave time to remember the birth of God’s Son.

If not for him, we wouldn’t be here;
Without his birth in lowly Bethlehem,
All of the gifts and happiness would disappear.

So praise God this day
That God arranged the ****** birth;
Praise God every day
That He sent His son to Earth.
Merry Christmas to all!  May God bless your festivities! <3
chichee Dec 2018
I'm writing a love letter to all the stars I've never seen. Blowing sweet nothings into your windmill hearts. A sickness in the bones with the way some of you make me work for it.  Rustic Blues in my toes. I want to be a list of further crossroads, because we're all chasing something glorious.You're no glowsticks or fireflies but the headlights of a speeding train and all I know is I am nothing without you.

I'll stand on the edge of the platform, and call you starlight.  

The writer's paradox: We only exist when we are read and I think I've found my mobius strip. Twinkle me stupid, New Year feels like I could do this all over again.
To all the people who have supported me- Matt and CE Green, Merry Christmas to you all.
Ananya Bansiwal Dec 2018
Nothing can help me
but that beauty

I still remember it was dawn
all what the moment did was
recreating love
which I always needed to do myself.
Olivia Christine Dec 2018
Lighting lanterns in memoriam of dear memere,
People crying and reminiscing.

Opening gifts from one another,
Being grateful for everything.

Opening your gift was the most exciting,
A little gold heart on a little gold chain.
Perfect. Like you.

My last gift from my grandmother,
A singular $20 bill.
I will hold onto that for as long as I can.
I miss you memere. More and more every day. Thank you for the $20. Thank you SG for my lovely gold necklace. I love you so much.
Jackie Mead Dec 2018
Wishing you a very merry Christmas
Filled with love and joy.
An early morning start, opening presents with your girls and boys.
Fingers crossed they've been good enough this year to get their wished for toy.

Eating and drinking with your family
Playing lots of games.
Log fires burning, chestnuts roasting in the flames.
Grandad snoring in his chair.
Children laughing at his balding grey hair.

At 3pm after the Queens speech, together we all sit.
A table that usually sits four, now sits ten people or more.
Turkey at the centre, 3 veggies and gravy in a dish.
Everyone pulling crackers and making a New Years wish.

Later in the evening corrie street on the tele.
Everyone sat together on the sofa watching with very full bellies.

Another Christmas day almost done.
Mum and Dad relaxing with a glass or two.
Raising their glasses and toasting a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.
Merry Christmas everyone wherever you are, however you celebrate I hope you have a lovely day.
Thorns Dec 2018
Merry Christmas depressed ones

The lonely

The suicidal

The unwanted

If no one cares about you then I do

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, God bless us, every one.
Francie Lynch Dec 2018
We're nearing as we ready
The home with green and red;
A deflated Santa on my neighbour's lawn,
Canned snow sprayed in window corners,
Polyethylene on a white Christmas tree,
Gingerbread people drinking hot ***,
Mistletoe hanging from sticks and jambs,
And an apron round the stem.
I decorate, make my fruit cake,
Set out the children's books,
The ones I've read so often:
Rudolph and Old St. Nick,
They look foolish on my table.
Displayed in  their fixed place.
They're not like my Christmas bling,
The blinking lights, false stars at night,
Twas the Night Before Christmas
Is the real thing.
At midnight we'll hear choirs sing,
Joy to the World, Peace on Earth,
For one night I'll believe again.

Stay good night.
I see my words rise on my breath,
Being swept up to your stars.

Stay good people.
Who missed this year.
Who came last,
Who comes next.
I surely miss you all.

Such heavy memories
Of snow-laden branches,
Castles in globes,
Ballerinas in boxes.

My new memories
Will never last as long
As the ones I've carried all along.
yours truly Jan 2018
The day after Christmas and all thru the house
No one seems to be up because today isn’t special, not like the other
Not like the one when we pretend to be happy;
when we pretend to be christian
When we pretend to care
Everyone wants the perfect gift
And to show it off on they're social
But all i want is to have the comfort to wake up again
To see her again
But she’s having a great Christmas i hope
In the sky above.
                                         Your truly,
Matthew Todd Dec 2017
What is this
That lay near my looking port?!
Why is it green and
What are those shiny things on it?
Is it edible?
Bleh! No! Its not!
Im gonna bite it again

What are those box shaped things under that green thing?
Are those
Wait what is this on it. Is it paper?
Its gonna have to go

Why does my two legged father keep yelling at me?
I dont understand him
But i dont care
I clamed these boxes as mine
Oh no! Dad why are you putting me in the room?
I didnt do anything wrong!
Daddy! Let me play with my boxes!

Where did daddy go?
Oh he's back!
Im gonna get my box-
Hey where did they go?
Daddy where did you take my boxes?
I was gonna-
Wait whats that

A box?
I just love throwing it across the room
And then i love chasing it
But more inportantly
Im gonna put my head in this box

Man im tired.
Hey theres that other two legged person
They have grey hair and its long too
Oh look!
They made me a place to sleep
Im gonna go sleep next to them now

Hey there is my daddy
Whats a crimas?
Is this crimas?
I dont know
But he whispered this into my ear
And he gave me a kiss on my forehead
"Merry crimas socks"
I thought it would be kinda funny to write a poem in the perspective of my cat socks (a.k.a my little kitty baby)
It turned out alright.
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