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Lunar Oct 2016
to love him is like
running a marathon in circles.
his long strides carrying himself
further away from me,
and i'm getting tired of going unnoticed.
soon it has come to the point
where i stopped chasing
but instead, thought,
"what if i were to stay put and wait?
wouldn't he most likely
catch up to me one day?"
they say love makes the world goes round. but i guess it's us who actually makes love go round.

10/13 of the Pocketry Series.
Brent Kincaid Mar 2016
The carousel so pretty
I thought to take a ride.
The animals so shiny
I look so good astride.
The wind blew my hair
I laughed with childish joy.
A universal playground
For every girl and boy.

But pretty things can dull
And toys can break apart.
Not everything is wonderful
That pulls up on our heart.
Sometimes someone falls
Right off their chosen seat.
And sometimes someone
Doesn’t quite land on their feet.

The merry go round
Keeps going around
Even when the music
Is a sad, pathetic sound.

Children have a sense
That a toy is always fine.
They might see it when
Fate crosses the line.
Often nobody catches
The rider when he falls.
Nobody hears the cry
When the rider might call.

So, it’s all about fun, then
And laughing out loud.
Riding circles in the sun
And waving to the crowd.
But life can change quickly
Or so slowly it is unseen.
The joyful noises of life can
Become something obscene.

Careful on a merry go round
Don’t turn your head and cough.
It’s a moving proposition
And you might fall off.
maxine Nov 2015
''just one more turn mommy!''
but we all only get one turn on this merry go round...
this torturous device spinning for what may seem like a small time but is really eternity.
the lights and music make it seem beautiful and distract you from the chipped paint and broken seat belt leaving you unconnected from the horse.
the kids cheering loving the show but you see the adults all craving for it to be over already.
our lives are all like merry go rounds.
it may be fun for now.
but eventually you'll get dizzy.
and everything will fade.
and you'll just be another horse on the merry go round with a broken seat belt,
waiting for an eager child to ride you.
and they'll be glimmering waiting for the adventure.
and you'll sit there being full of the knowledge of the ride and how it turns out.
but now you're just another horse.
and soon... everyone will just be a horse.
myrrh Aug 2014
Your Hands Are Blunt
And Your Eyes, Sharp
Your Hurt Is Convert
No Blissful Harp
Sweet Sound Is Mute
And Pain Is Loud
My Desire Is Blind
What Have I Found
Because I'm Going In Circles
Like A *Merry-go-round
BianchiBlue Aug 2014
Tonight we walk
around the merry
go round - for 29 years
colors change
but we don’t
get off
AuntieBelle May 2014
Highland Park is the stoner park, everybody knows that. You go to Highland Park to smoke ****, you don't take your kids to Highland Park. Well, you might if your kids are total potheads but then you'd have to buy a lot more ****.

-Belle B. Blazed

— The End —