eF Jun 12
I ran out of breath,
Trying to chase
I hate trying to consider myself a poet/writer.
eF Mar 13
Always scared to speak.
Feels easier to blend in,
Than to be unique.
eF Mar 13
A man of few words,
Whose thoughts often get misheard.
Loving the absurd.
Not everyone is the same.
And that's ok.
That's a positive thing.
Yet most frown upon it.
eF Mar 10
Found comfort in pain.
Self-Sabotaging until,
It's felt once again.
eF Feb 7
The entire world could love you,
But if you don't love yourself.
You will always feel alone.
eF Nov 2017
Playing as a pawn
Not realizing that I was
A* king *this whole time.
eF Dec 2017
A* bad taste.
A waste of space.
A** *mothers disgrace.
eF Sep 2017
Drowning* *in a sea
Of bad thoughts, all hope is lost.
Searching for the cause.
Today was tough.
eF Sep 2017
When I am a* ghost.
*Those that weren't around, will say
They were there the most.
Where were you when I needed you most?
Only around for the good times.
the champagne,
And the toast.
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