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Ten Mercado Aug 2021
i let the guns shot me
and the bullets go
through my skin

if this is how it’s gonna be
whenever i see you
i’ll let them **** me someday.
Ten Mercado Aug 2021
i watched my dream
turn into one of my biggest

you had a look in your
eyes that told me
you weren't there

you died inside
your body and
all i could do
was watch
Timur Shamatov Dec 2020
Sorrow of a love affair
Above the clouds of yesterday
Slowly falling to the grounds below
Colors running fading slow
As what we stood for starts to burn
The one that got away we always think and say but the truth was is that you left because I let you go.
Deep le Ning Oct 2017
G so every sun
And it being is see.

We came.

I'm Love are Sometimes I feel
Because we home for I go
I'll ceiling my much Everybody,
through Work, me.

Work we to ceiling true
must out you're reason is a intention
the only And about
then you it stop

And just can
And is could
Let's on fight change that
That some reason there you,
way I your hold Falling
boy I away
the wildest right you,
I you off gave a *****,
you're my victim

read don't background
up that you go
in my close to
Autumn Bliss Oct 2015
Our love has faded like the seasons
and yet....
It cuts deep to think of the reasons.

They are in the very corners of my brain
and like a caged animal..
I retrace steps again and again.

If spring and summer were the very best
then what....
Do fall and winter represent, the test?

But is love like a winter tree instead
The branches are bare, but it isn't dead?
Iris Nyx Nov 2014
I -
I can't remember his laugh.

— The End —